Full Tilt Cannabis Co.

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About Full Tilt Cannabis Co.

Full Tilt Cannabis Co. dispensary is a cannabis store where you can buy medical and recreational cannabis products. They have several locations in Oklahoma, United States of America. You can visit the store to make your purchases or you can go for other options as well.

  • Operating hours: The Full Tilt dispensary starts its operations at nine in the morning and, On Friday and Saturday, you can make your last purchase before 11 PM and from Sunday to Thursday, the last purchase can be made before 10 in the night.
  • Ordering system: When it comes to an ordering system, you can visit the store to make purchases from Full Tilt Cannabis Co. dispensary and you can also go for the storefront pick up. If you are unable to visit the store, you can decide on the home delivery option and there may be additional charges for the service. For placing a home delivery order, you can visit the official website https://fulltiltcannabis.com

Deals and Offers

There is a long list of deals and offers that you can avail of at the Full Tilt Cannabis Co. dispensary and some of the most interesting and exciting offers are given below:

For senior citizens, there is a 10% discount on all days of the week and on all products.

  • The veterans are offered a 15% discount on their entire purchase on all days of the week.
  • The staff members of the cannabis industry are given a 10% discount on their entire purchase from this dispensary.
  • This dispensary also has a loyalty program under which you get one point for spending one dollar here. 
  • There are several occasional offers under which you can get one product for free on your purchase.

Before you make your purchase to avail these offers at the dispensary, make sure to check if these offers are active. For this, you can check the official website or visit the store for queries.


There is a huge variety when it comes to products at the Full Tilt Cannabis Co. dispensary. The products you can find on the shelves of this dispensary include cannabis flowers, edibles, oils, vapes, and tinctures.

Also, they have almost every brand from the cannabis industry for its customers. You can buy cheaper as well as expensive brands from the dispensary making it the ultimate destination where you can make your cannabis purchase. Some of the well-known brands of the cannabis industry are listed below that you can find in this dispensary:

  1. Sunny mountain
  2. DVJ
  3. SoCal First Nations
  4. Country Cannabis
  5. BLVL Label
  6. Tribal
  7. Cry Baby CBD
  8. WYLD
  10. CBD Living

These are some of the brands that you will see on the shelves of Full Tilt Cannabis Co. dispensary. These brands include names that will celebrate for $300 and also for $10. So, here, you will find a mixture of affordable as well as expensive brands.

Let us now check out some of the best-selling items of this dispensary.

Sunny Mountain 3.5 g Runtz

It is a cannabis flower from the Saini Mountain brand with a hybrid strain and 29.4% THC. At the Full Tilt Cannabis Co dispensary, you can buy this product for $35 per unit. It is a highly concentrated product and therefore, produces effects instantly after consumption. The top effects include Sleepiness, calmness, relaxation and upliftedness.

Cry Baby CBD Chardonnay Blend

It is a cannabis edible product from the crybaby CBD and it contains 0.0% THC and 0.0% CBD. You can buy this product for $24 at this dispensary and it has highly effective results. It is usable to get calmness and relief from other symptoms. Also, it gives you a euphoric effect making it suitable for indoor activities and fun purposes. 

TNFC cart 1 g – Blackberry Kush

This product is available at Full Tilt Cannabis Co. dispensary for $35 per unit and it has an Indica strain with 67.9% THC. The top effects of these cannabis products include relaxation, calmness, uplifting, and euphoria. You may feel a little bit sleepy after consuming this and therefore, staying indoors is preferred after taking it. Also, if you overdose on this, you may also feel couch-locked.

There are more staff-select items on the shelves of Full Tilt Cannabis Co. and you can visit the store to check them out.

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