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 Newton store, located at 697 Washington Street

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Garden Remedies Cannabis Dispensary was the brainchild of Dr. Munkacy after she saw patients with serious or chronic illnesses struggle to improve their quality of life. All cannabis in this dispensary in Massachusetts is produced in-house at their own cultivation center. They use proven techniques, reliable strains, and organic cultivation practices. 

Garden Remedies provides both medical and recreational marijuana in two separate menus. You will need different kinds of documentation for different kinds of cannabis. 

The dispensary is also very involved in community activities and sustainability. They also have a Garden of Education Scholarship to help people with former drug office convictions turn their lives around with education. 

Location: You can find Garden Remedies Cannabis Dispensary in three different locations in Massachusetts. 

  • The Melrose dispensary is located at 732 Broadway, Melrose.
  • The Marlborough dispensary is at 416 Boston Post Road E, Marlborough.
  • The dispensary at Newton is at 697 Washington Street. 

Operating Hours: The dispensary timings differ from one location to another. The Melrose dispensary is open from Monday to Sunday, 8 AM to 12 AM. Very convenient for people who want to pick up their marijuana after work. 

The Marlborough dispensary is open from Monday to Saturday between 9 AM and 9.30 PM. On Sunday, it is open from 10 AM to 8 PM. 

The Newton dispensary is open from Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 9 PM and on Sunday from 12 PM to 6 PM. 

Ordering system

Patients and recreational users can order online or simply walk into a dispensary in Massachusetts to buy weed. You can place an order through their website if you’re an experienced user or have a prescription. First-time users and patients without prescriptions should probably visit the store for some guidance. 

When you place your order, you will need a valid ID that allows you to buy recreational cannabis. If you want to buy for medical use, you need a Massachusetts medical marijuana card. If you don’t have a card already and need some assistance, the store has staff that can help you out. 

Garden Remedies Cannabis Dispensary only accepts payments if they’re made in cash or through a debit card. There is a small fee of $3.50 on any cart value if you use a debit card. If you want to avoid that, simply withdraw cash from the ATM in the store.

As per Massachusetts law, medical users can only buy 10 oz of marijuana every 60 days and recreational users can get 1 oz every visit.

Delivery is possible through third-party delivery companies like Zyp Run, Doobie, and Delivered. 

Special offers

This dispensary in Massachusetts has a good loyalty program for both medical and recreational users. You can earn a point for every dollar you spend in the store. You can then use these points to get discounts on your purchase later down the line.

However, if you’ve bought cannabis for recreational use, you can use the points only for accessories or CBD products. Massachusetts law mandates that points can’t be used to buy products with THC in them. 

Aside from the loyalty program, Garden Remedies Cannabis Dispensary also offers a few attractive discounts.

  1. New and renewing medical marijuana patients will get a $200 punch card. Every punch offers $50 off on a cart value of over $100. 
  2. People with demonstrable financial hardship will get a hardship discount of 10%. You must have a MassHealth eligibility letter as proof or provide an SSI income form. 
  3. Seniors get a 10% discount every day they step into the dispensary. 
  4. Veterans also get a substantial discount, 25% off on their medical marijuana purchase.

These discounts are available in all three dispensaries. The loyalty points are also applicable across all the dispensary locations. 


The Garden Remedies Cannabis Dispensary has several in-house brands for different product categories. For example, Lotis is a brand of cannabis gummies while High Flavor is a collection of cannabis cartridges

  • Lotis
  • High Flavor
  • Seconds
  • Realm
  • Aero

All brands are made from marijuana produced in the Garden Remedies Cannabis Dispensary’s in-house cultivation facility. This is done to ensure the quality of their products remains consistent. 

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Best selling products

The menu is different in different dispensary branches so these best-selling products may not be available in all three stores. Garden Remedies updates their menu regularly so consider looking at the menu before shopping for a product. 

1. Berry Bliss Edible

Berry Bliss has a great tart and sweet berry taste. It has 4.08mg THC which can help you feel energetic and lively. 

2. Earth Kahlua Kookies

Earth by Kahlua Kookies helps users feel calm, happy, energetic, and chill. It is a hybrid flower that has over 26% THC. 

3. Garlicment-Funkadelic Live Rosin

This live rosin has 80% THC and is a potent concentrate with a funky flavor. It is very popular among people who want to experiment. 

The store also has vape cartridges, other edibles, and accessories. You can buy products ranging from pre-rolls to vape batteries.

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