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14733 S Telegraph Rd Monroe, Michigan US 48161

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The Glass Jar cannabis is a dispensary in Michigan that sells recreational cannabis products. If you want to buy from this dispensary, you will have to visit its store at 14733 S Telegraph Road, Monroe Charter, TWP, Michigan 48161, United States.

  • Operating hours:  To make your purchases from this dispensary in Michigan, you can visit the store between 9 in the morning and 10 in the night. This is the time from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, you can make your last purchase after 10 in the morning and before 9 in the night.
  • Ordering System: The ordering system at the glass jar cannabis dispensary is pretty sophisticated and customer-centric. You can visit the dispensary directly to make your purchase, or you can call the dispensary to prepare your order for pickup. Also, you can go for the home delivery option and get your canapés delivered to your doorstep. For this, you can call +1 734-244-4284, or you can visit the official website at

Deals and offers

At the Glass Jar cannabis dispensary, there are many offers for the customers. Here are some of the best offers you can see at this dispensary in Michigan that will help you make budgeted purchases:

  • Medical buyers are offered a 10% discount on all the existing products. These discounts are stackable.
  • You can get 10-20% discounts on selected pre-rolls at this dispensary.
  • There are many combo offers available on live resin or rosin carts.
  • Get a BOGO offer on Kushy Punch edibles.
  • Get 20% off on the Rosin concentrates.
  • First-time patients get 25% off on the entire first order.
  • Educators receive a 12% discount on all orders.
  • Veterans and military staff are given a 12% discount on all products.

Before you start making purchases from the glass jar cannabis dispensary in Michigan, make sure to ask if the above-given offers are active at the store. Or, go through the deals section on the official website so that you can confirm the active offers.

Product range and best picks

There is a huge variety of products that you will see on the shelves of Glass Jar cannabis dispensary. They offer cannabis flowers, tinctures, vapes, and edibles for enthusiasts.

Also, you will see that there are many brands available at this dispensary, and you can make purchases as per your preferences. Some of the brands are premium, while others are budget-friendly. Below given are some of the brands that you can find here:

  1. Skunk house
  2. Hashhouse
  3. Uplyfted
  4. CannabisPM
  5. Green DR CBD
  6. Terra
  7. RISE
  8. Cannalicious
  11. Society C
  12. Distro 10

Among the above-given names, you will find some brands selling their products for the premium experience, costing you more than $250. Also, there are others that will only cost you $10 and will help you make budget-friendly purchases to suit your preferences in terms of money.

Let us now check out some of the best-selling items at the Glass Jar cannabis dispensary.

Chilly Berry Bomb Pop Disposable 1g

This is a disposable vaping device that will help you get the best cannabis experience. It is a hybrid strain device with 80.8% THC and 2.54% CBD. This product will cost you $30 at the glass jar cannabis dispensary, and the most important effects of this pain include calm, happiness, relaxation, and energy.

RSO watermelon Rest gummies

This product from the RSO will cost you $20 at the glass jar cannabis dispensary, and it contains 200 mg of THC and 1.19 mg of CBD. It is an Indica-based strain product and will make you feel relaxed, sleepy, and happy. It contains Delta-9 THC and will show you its effect within a couple of minutes only. For most people, the effects can last for over two hours, and you can have a pleasing cannabis experience.

Grapes N’ Cream

It is a hybrid cannabis flower that will cost you $40 at the Glass Jar dispensary. It is one of the staff-selected items and contains 28.99% THC and 0.06% CBD. It is going to give you a light-hearted sativa vibe and will make you feel relaxed, bubbly, and giggly. It has a floral and earthy aroma and will taste like sweet berries with a smooth and clean exhale.

These are the staff select items at Glass Jar dispensary in Michigan. To explore more, visit their website or store.