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Good Leaf Dispensary

5.0 stars

772 State Route 37 Akwesasne, New York, US 13655

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Good Leaf Dispensary

Good leaf

772 State Route 37 Akwesasne, New York, US 13655

More Information

Good Leaf Dispensary is a tribally licensed cannabis dispensary in New York. Located in Akwesasne, this dispensary offers a number of different cannabis products including flowers, edibles, concentrates, and much more. Here is a complete rundown of the Good Leaf Dispensary.

  • Location: Visit this dispensary in New York at 772 State Route 37 Akwesasne, New York, US 13655.
  • Operating hours: Good Leaf Dispensary is open seven days a week between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Ordering options

The dispensary can be quite limiting when it comes to ordering options. Users have the normal option of store visits to place orders, however, there is no official online webstore for home deliveries. 

Do note that this dispensary might offer delivery services using third-party solutions. For more information on the ordering options and updated stocks, you can contact the dispensary at 518-333-8868.

Deals and discounts

Deals and discounts can also be on the leaner side at this dispensary in New York. However, the Good Leaf Dispensary has a generous loyalty program that offers a 10 per cent discount for every $100 spent. The dispensary also hosts more seasonal discounts and offers. Make sure to contact the dispensary for more details regarding these deals. Alternatively, you can also consider signing up for their monthly newsletter to stay updated.

Featured brands

Good Leaf stocks products from only licensed manufacturers in the US grown from federally legal hemp. Here are a few prominent brands you can find in stock at this dispensary.

  • Camino
  • WYLD
  • Tree Hawk Farms
  • Accelerator Seeds
  • Cookies Fam
  • Lumpy’s Flowers
  • Archive Seed Bank and more.

You can find products from under $10 to over $200 at this dispensary. All products come with a Certificate of Analysis to testify to the potency and purity of the products.


Flowers are some of the best-selling items at this dispensary in New York. Here are a few unmissable ones.

Gelato x DosiDos

Bred by Archive Seed Bank, this hybrid offers quite a unique cannabis experience. Drawing its lineage from Gelato and Dosi strain, Gelato x DosiDos offers the perfect blend of sweet earth aroma and a taste with a hint of floral funkiness. Users report effects of appetite improvement, relaxation, and a full body high. 

Candy Apple Strain from TreeHawk Farms

Borrowing genetics from the Blueberry and Pineapple strains and the Afghan strains, Candy Apple Strain is a potent hybrid from TreeHawk Farms. This hybrid can lend quite uplifting and euphoric effects and its aroma is reminiscent of tropical pineapples and ripe blueberry with a hint of vanilla. Effects include an energetic high and a moderate cerebral high without any mental fogginess. 

Lake OG Strain from Accelerator Seeds

This hybrid is quite unmistakable owing to its spicy licorice taste and woody mint tones. Lake OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid that truly lives up to its classic American lineage. The strain offers strong head highs and a feeling of calm. This makes it an ideal nighttime strain. 

Galactic Punch

A true hybrid strain, Galactic Punch was first bred by crossing the Galactica OG and Purple Punch strains. This lends the strain a potent THC profile, making it a great choice for experienced consumers. The aroma is that of coffee and blueberries, leaving you with a peppery aftertaste with each puff. Galactic Punch is ideally reserved as a nighttime strain due to its strong head high and overwhelming euphoria that can result in heavy couch lock situations.

Apart from flowers, the dispensary also has a large stock of other cannabis products including edibles, and seeds, 772 State Route 37 Akwesasne, New York, US 13655., and much more. Users are encouraged to check the official website of the dispensary or call the reception for complete information on the updated stocks.