‘Green Cross is a licensed dispensary in California that has been around since 2004. It was incorporated in the same year according to the laws of California. As a licensed dispensary, it can sell medical-grade marijuana in different combinations. The company claims to keep its costs reasonable and offers a wide collection of cannabis products. Some of the reviews agree with this, claiming that the Green Cross Dispensary has some of the best prices around.

The Green Cross Dispensary is at an easily accessible location on 4218 Mission Street, Excelsior District, San Francisco. It is one of the premier fully licensed dispensaries in the city. Green Cross is wheelchair accessible and has dedicated parking space, which means patients and infirm customers can easily enter the dispensary. 

Operating hours: Green Cross Dispensary is open from 8.30 AM to 9 PM from Monday to Saturday. One Sunday, this dispensary in California is open from 8.30 AM to 6 PM. It’s probably a good idea to order first and then pick products up at the dispensary. The Green Cross is fully licensed and this place can get pretty crowded. Saturdays and Sundays can be jam-packed.

Ordering system: You can place an order online in advance and pick up the product at the dispensary. Like most marijuana clinics, Green Cross also offers curbside pick-up. There’s no mention of delivery on online orders. You may need to call the dispensary in California directly to see if they offer home delivery. 

As the storefront remains open till late during the weekends, you may be able to pick the products up on your way back from work. 

You may want to keep the money and all the required prescription and identification documents handy when you visit the store. You will need:

  • State-issued driver’s License or ID card
  • Medical Marijuana Identification Card if you need medical marijuana
  • Passport if you don’t have a driver’s license

Carry these documents with you to the store. Green Cross only accepts cash or debit card payments so make sure you have either of those in hand. 

Specific offers

The Green Cross Dispensary has affordable products but the store does offer several offers as well. They have a strong loyalty program. You can earn points on every purchase and then cash in those points to get a discount. You’ll have to apply for the membership separately to take advantage of this program. You earn one point for every dollar you spend on a cart valued under $50. If your cart value exceeds $50, you earn two points for every dollar spent. 

You can add up these points to get a percentage discount. For example, 100 points can be converted to a 5% discount. You will need to redeem these points within a year.

This dispensary also offers other discounts like:

  • 10% discount to veterans with a valid ID
  • 10% discount to senior citizens of 65+ years
  • 10% discount to people with disabilities if they have a valid ID card or benefits verification letter

Some reviews indicate that the Green Cross Dispensary offers 10% discount to people who refer their dispensary to their connections. The staff may also add a little surprise to your order like a bar of chocolate or some edible. 

Featured brands

The Green Cross has more than 65 brands and over 600 products in its store. The menu is updated every day and includes products from brands like:

  • Absolute Xtracts
  • Alien Labs
  • Amplified Farms
  • Bic
  • Boveda
  • Big Top
  • Breez
  • Blessed Extracts
  • Biscotti
  • Care By Design
  • Clear Eyes
  • Connected
  • Cresco
  • Dani Fire
  • Deja Vu
  • Deep Desert
  • Equilibrium
  • FloraCal
  • Farmer and the Felon
  • Highatus
  • Kingpen
  • Legion of Bloom 

These are just some of the 65 brands in store so they may have your favorite in stock.



Cannabis can be used in topical creams and lotions to help sooth skin irritation. The Green Cross Dispensary has several CBD-based topicals to help you deal with everything from. 


The dispensary has several Sativa and Indica strains in stock. Some of the more popular strains include:

  • Acai 
  • Astro Pop
  • Banana Sundae 
  • Cookies Kush 
  • Cypress OG
  • GH Tropical Punch
  • Gaschata 
  • SG Amaretto Sour
  • SG Banana Cooler
  • SG Jealousy
  • SG Royal Highness

There are more than 600 products on the menu and the dispensary may add more down the line. 


Pre-rolls are a convenient alternative to loose flowers. Many brands offer a wide range of pre-rolled weed for a convenient smoke. Some of the most popular products in this category include:

  • Blue Dream Dog Walker Pre-Roll
  • Amaretto Sour Pre-Roll
  • Cookies n Cream Dog
  • Cypress OG Hemp
  • Grape Moon Rock Blunt
  • Infused Cherry Chocolates Gelato


The edibles category includes drinks, candies, baked goods, sleep aids, and chocolates. Some of the most popular edibles include:

  • Berry Nighttime Mints
  • Blackout Lemondaze Lemonade
  • Blueberries Terra Bites
  • Cherry Sativa Gummies
  • Chili & Lime Peach Gummy Rings
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies

This dispensary in California also sells concentrates and a wide range of cannabis-based accessories. You can also find some store merch if you want to support the brand.