Green Genie Dispensary is a cannabis store that is based out of Detroit in the state of Michigan.

They were one of the first dispensaries in Michigan, to open. They have up to 100 different brands that customers can choose from. Some of them are Ooze, Kushy Punch, Jeeter, and Claw. 

They have two locations, 6 Mile West Warren and 24600 W McNichols Rd, which are both located in the city of Detroit.

About The Dispensary 

The Green Genie dispensary was founded half a decade ago, and ever since then, they have been providing consumers with quality cannabis products at affordable prices.  They aim to give their customers relevant information regarding cannabis and to promote the safe usage of said cannabis. 

The dispensary offers a large variety of products like concentrates, flowers, and edibles. They source the materials from growers and producers that have good reputations, and they don’t limit the process of sourcing to Michigan only. Sourcing is done mainly in the state of Michigan, but a lot of the products they bring in are from other states in the country.

The team over at Green Genie conducts workshops and events that are catered towards promoting the idea of cannabis and trying to eliminate the kind of stigma that people have towards it. 

The dispensary also has an online delivery system, which is really important at these times. In order to get the items delivered to the doorstep, all the user has to do is view the online menu, give the store a call to place the order, and then leave the rest up to the store. 

Delivery orders can be placed from 9 AM to 8 PM. The orders are only delivered from 10 AM to 8:15 PM. All the deliveries are made from their outlet in 6 Mile, and there needs to be a minimum amount depending on how far the location is from that outlet.


The dispensary has a plethora of products on offer across 100s of brands, so let’s see what some of their most in-demand items are. 


Flowers are the most popular products in the store, so let’s see what some of their best-selling flowers are.

The Blueberry Cruffin 3.5 G Pre Pack is available for about 40 dollars for an eighth of an ounce. It is an Indica dominant hybrid that is made by crossing DJ Short Blueberry, Platinum, and Blue Cookies. It is said to have an effect that gives the user a feeling of euphoria and, as it settles, provides a sense of relaxation. The Pre Pack has 23% THC and 0.1% CBD contained within it. It has a sweet aroma which is cut across by a slightly nutty flavor.

Apricot Jelly is a flower that is available for 100 dollars for every 10 and a half grams. The hybrid is sativa dominant and produced by crossing Irene Apricot and Jelly Breath. The taste of the flower is quite citrus dominant and has a slightly tropical feel, leaving the user with a taste that is reminiscent of apricots. The aroma that it gives off is supposed to be quite woody with a little bit of a berry-ish smell. It has an effect that makes the consumer feel sleepy and relaxed.


Concentrates are also extremely popular, coming second only to flowers. Let’s take a look at what some of their top-rated concentrates are.

The Cherry Punch THCa 1G is a crystalline concentrate that can be bought at the store for about $30  per gram. It has a THC content of 86.02%, which makes it a strain that is dominated by THC. The Cherry Punch is a combination of the Cherry AK47 and the Purple Punch. The aroma of the strain is said to be quite full of grapes, and it also contains a strong scent of pine. The strain is balanced between the sativa and indica structures and has a fruity flavor that is present throughout the whole concentrate.

Blackwater Sauce On The Rocks 1G is about $40 for a gram. It is another crystalline concentrate that is quite THC-dominant. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is made by crossing SFV OG Kush and Mendo Purps. The effects that it gives start out quite slowly but then build up pretty quickly for a high that is pretty euphoric. It has about 66% THC, and the CBD content is 0.2%. It has a woody aroma, which also has a slight earthy smell to it. The flavor is citrusy and also has slight hints of pine and honey.

Therefore, the Green Genie dispensary has a lot of good products to offer which makes it worth taking a look at.