Green Monkey Dispensary is located in Arkoma, Oklahoma, United States. 

It is one of the various cannabis stores you can find in this locality. Its products include a wide range of varieties, including flowers, tinctures, and much more.

More information

Green Monkey Dispensary operates in the Arkoma area of Oklahoma. It makes it easier for the store to serve and deliver in the whole area. They are quite good at delivering quality products as they source them from local cultivation. The stores function on all weekdays to avoid any inconvenience to the customers.

One must be aware of the store’s operating hours to ensure they do not visit the store when it is closed. The store opens the same hours during the weekdays and weekends. This ensures that the store is available for customers to buy goods on any day they prefer. It opens at 8 a.m. and closes at 10 p.m.

If someone cannot visit the store to make a purchase, other options are available to buy cannabis products. The options you can choose to purchase at home include orders on call and online purchases. Additionally, the cost of home delivery services is not significant and does not affect buyers’ pockets.

Products you can buy from the Green Monkey

At Green Monkey, shopping for cannabis products is much more convenient, as they provide not just one but a huge variety of things. The store works towards delivering a one-stop solution to all cannabis items.

Various products that you can find at the Green Monkey store are listed below:


There are various edible products that are made with cannabis, and the Green Monkey provides you with all of them. You can go for edibles like chocolates, baked items, gummies, and much more that can satisfy your cravings.


Products that include high concentrations of cannabinoids from the cannabis plant are tinctures. These are in the form of oils that you can add to drinks like shakes. Moreover, these tinctures are also used for the treatment of various types of symptoms. These are good at relaxing the muscles and can also be used for numbness.


One of the most popular cannabis products includes vapes. There are various designs available for vapes at the Green Monkey. They make sure that the quality of the vapes is good and satisfying for the customers.


Concentrates are gel-type products that are made from cannabis and are used for consumption. There are various brands at the Green Monkey store that you can choose from. You need to choose an item that has the appropriate amount of THC so that you do not overdose.


The cannabis flower is used for smoking and other things, like making cannabis items. You will find a wide range of weed flowers at the Green Monkey, and it is their specialty. 

Delivery services

Due to the wide range of products available at Green Monkey, the customer base is pretty strong. There are plenty of places in Arkoma where easy and fast delivery options are now available from the Green Monkey online store. Moreover, it made the customer base stronger for the store and led to an increase in the number of customers in the area.

Green Monkey Dispensary has its delivery services available within a 25-mile radius of the store. Product options can be explored by customers through on-call orders or online store shopping. Everything that is available at the store physically can be ordered online with the easy-to-use online website of Green Monkey.

The delivery service through calls is available for some fixed hours every day. It starts from the time when the store is open, and it until 5 pm in the evening. 

While buying cannabis online or offline, it is important to check the label and consider the THC to CBD ratio. The lower the ratio, the better the product is for beginners. In case you are a beginner to cannabis for recreational activities, it will help you adjust slowly according to your body. Moreover, responsible intake of cannabis is recommended by the experts, as its results from person to person can vary.