The H.A.I. Holistic Alternative Inc. is a cannabis store​ in California where you can buy medical and recreational cannabis products. If you are traveling to o​r staying near the location of this dispensary, you can make a purchase from this dispensary by visiting 18​306 Eddy St, Northridge, California, 91325, United States.

  • Operating hours: The H.A.I. Holistic Alternative Inc. dispensary in California starts its operations at 9 AM, and you can make the last purchase by visiting the dispensary at 10 PM. However, for the delivery hours, the last order can be placed before 9 p.m.
  • Ordering system: To make a purchase from this dispensary, you can directly visit the store and pick the product of your choice. If you can’t make a purchase directly, you can choose the curbside pick-up option. Make sure to place​ ​your order by calling +1 818 722 9333 at least 30 minutes prior to your visit in order to avoid ​inconvenience​ and rush. Also, there is a home delivery option available at the H.A.I. Holisti​​c Alternative​ Inc. dispensary that you can use. For this service, there can be additional charges​ after​ a certain radius of kilometers from the store. They offer facilities like A.D.A. accessibility a​nd more.

​Deals and offers

​If you make purchases from the H.A.I. Holistic Alternative Inc. dispensary, you can avail of many discounts and offers. This dispensary has several attractive deals and offers for the customers and a few of these offers are given below:

  • The first-time buyers who are patients can get a 25% discount on the entire purchase at this dispensary.
  • This dispensary offers a 15% discount to veterans.
  • Senior citizens were offered a 15% discount on medical as well as recreational cannabis products.
  • Staff members are offered a 10% discount on their entire purchase if they show a valid I.D.
  • There is a 10% discount on all the West Coast Trading company products.
  • You can get a 5% discount or one free pre-roll on a purchase above $300.

These are some exciting deals​ ​and offers you can explore at the H.A.I. Holistic Alternative Inc. dispensary. Also, before you make a purchase at this dispensary in California to avail of these offers, make sure to check if these offers are available.


The H.A.I. Holistic Alternative Inc. dispensary has several well-known as well as cheaper brands available, and there is a diverse range of products. Some of the products you are going to see on the shelves of this dispensary in California include cannabis flowers, edibles, tinctures, and much more.

When it comes to the diversity in brands, this dispensary has it all. You are going to find many brands, and some of the well-renowned brands you can come across in this dispensary are given below:

  • CROWN Genetics
  • Cure 420
  • AIMS
  • FLAV
  • Kushy
  • Oasis edibles
  • Green Habitat
  • Hella Dank
  • Rae Garden
  • Fuzed
  • Plug n Play

Apart from the above-given brands, there is a diversity of others available here. You are going to see the presence of affordability and premium experience in terms of brands and products. Some of the products will cost you more than $200, while some others will be available for as low as $10, making it affordable as well as a premium store for buyers.

Let’s check out some best-selling items of this dispensary.

Banana Cream Joint

It is a product with a hybrid strain and 1 g cannabis content. You will have to pay $8.30 for this one unit, and it is known to produce highly effective results for the consumers. With one joint, you can expect effects like calmness, and sleepiness. Also, this product is known to produce relaxation and, therefore, helps in relieving anxiety in some people.

Crown O.G.

It is a cannabis flower from the Crown Genetics brand with an Indica Strain. This product is available for $36.10 at this dispensary with a 3.5 g total content. If you need to experience the knockout power of cannabis and a crisp test, this is the product that you need to buy. It is made by crossing the King Louis OG and S.F.V. OG. It has both powerhouse parent strains colliding together. It will never disappoint you. It is good for combating insomnia and pains. It also gives you a mental escape.

Blueberry Belts FLAV

This is an edible product from the FLAV brand, and​ you will have to pay $14.45 per pack for this product at the H.A.I. Holistic Alternative Inc. dispensary. It is well known to have an easy and convenient cannabis experience. You can use it wherever you are without any problem, making it one of the best cannabis items. It contains 100 mg of T.H.C. per pack, and there are ten pieces of gummies in this pack. It produces effects of upliftment, energy, and creativity, making it suitable for adventure.

For more information on the store and its products, you can visit their official website.