Hana ​Dispensaries in Arizona is a cannabis store that deals in a wide ​range of recreational and medical cannabis products. They​ have two locations in the USA; one is in Phoenix, and the other is in ​Green Valley.

  • Operating hours: The Hana Dispensaries start their operations at 8 in the morning and close at 10 in the night from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, they operate between 9 AM and 10 PM. On Sundays, you can buy your cannabis from this dispensary in Arizona between 10:30 AM and 7 PM.
  • Ordering System: Purchases can be made from the Hana Dispensaries through a store visit, call, or website. You can visit the store during operating hours and buy your cannabis refill, or you can call the dispensary and get your cannabis prepared within 30 minutes and pick it up from the store. Furthermore, if you need home delivery of your cannabis products.
  • , you can place an order by visiting their official website at – https://hanadispensaries.com/. They offer you amenities like ADA accessibility, an ATM, and more.

Deals and offers

Hana Dispensaries have several offers and deals on many products on their shelves. You not only get occasional offers, but they have weekly offers for their customers, also. Here are a few offers that you can get here:

  1. On your first visit, you get a buy one get one offer on Hana House Brand Products.
  2. On your second visit, you get a 20% OFF on your entire product, provided you have signed up for SMS communication at the store.
  3. You get a Free House Gram or Pre Roll with your order on your third purchase.
  4. 30% OFF on any single STIIIZY pod that is new in the dispensary.
  5. 10% OFF for all tourists who have a boarding pass dated within 20 weeks.
  6. 10% OFF to veterans with certified ID and Licenses.
  7. 10% OFF to Seniors of more than 65 years of age.
  8. 10% OFF for the dispensary agents who have an active FA card.
  9. 16% OFF on all the products purchased for adult use with a foreign medical cannabis card.
  10. Get 3 Dutchie Duos for $25 on all days of the week.
  11. On Saturdays and Sundays, get Dutchie packs for just $30.
  12. Get a stackable 10% OFF on 1 oz Hana House Flower all summer long.
  13. They have New Tier Milestones, and it has several deals. Buy cannabis worth $100 and get FREE Hana House Pre Roll. Spend $150 and get a FREE Hana House Eighth. Spend $200 and receive a x1 FREE Dutchie Pack and x1 Free Dutchie Duo with store purchases only.
  14. They have special hours between 8 AM and 10 AM, where you can get 4 Hana Pre-rolls for just $20 and Dutchie Packs for just $30.
  15. Buy any two half-gram or a single full-gram Orion Pods and get an Orion Battery Free.
  16. Get 2 100mg OGEEZ Products for just $20.


Hana​ Dispensaries offers a diverse range of ​cannabis products, and you can ​buy cannabis flowers, tinctures, and​ edibles for vapes, from this dispensary​ in Arizona.

They have a ​wide range of brands for consumers demanding a premium experience ​as well as for others who want a budget-friendly option. Here are a ​few brands you can find on the shelves of Hana Dispensaries:

  • Dutchie
  • Abundant Organics
  • WYLD
  • DRIP
  • Willie’s Reserve
  • Hippie Chicks

There are more brands on their shelves, and you can find options that will cost you as low as $10 and as high as $250. So, you can buy both classic and budget-friendly options from this dispensary.

Let us now have a look at some of the best-selling and high-rated products that are available at Hana Dispensaries.


This pre-roll from Dutchie has 6 rolls, and it contains 19.35% THC and 22.95% cannabinoids in it. You can get it from this dispensary for $17.50. It has top effects of relaxation, sleepiness, and happiness while it is suitable for activities that are indoor only, ease of mind, and sleeping. It has a hybrid strain that can make you feel sleepy instantly after smoking it.

Hana Flower – Flaming Cookies

This is a flower from the​ Hana Flower, and you can get it for $15 at this dispensary. It ​comes in two sizes, i.e3.5g, and 7g, with a​ total THC content of 17.35% and​ total cannabinoid​ content of 21.08%. It has an Indica​ strain that has top effects like relaxation, pain relief, and sleepiness. If consumed in high dosage, it can lead to dizziness and couch-locked situations.

These are the best items that you must try from the Hana Dispensaries, but there are many others also. You can select from a wide range of other products, too, but you will have to visit this dispensary in Arizona or its official website for that.