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Happy Harry’s Medicine Shop is a medical cannabis dispensary located at 69708 E Hwy 60, Oklahoma.

The dispensary, serving all Oklahoma Medical Cannabis Card patients offers a wide range of cannabis products available to customers at competitive rates. In this review, we will delve into the dispensary’s various aspects, including its location, product selection, pricing, staff, and customer service to provide a comprehensive analysis of its operation.


Happy Harry’s Medicine Shop is a well-positioned dispensary in Wyandotte, Oklahoma, offering easy access to nearby residents and those traveling from other towns. 

Situated at 69708 E Hwy 60, it is located just off the highway, making it easy to find. The dispensary’s location provides a convenient option for customers seeking quick and accessible medication solutions.

One of the standout features of Happy Harry’s Medicine Shop is its ample parking lot. The lot is well-lit and spacious, which helps customers park their vehicles safely. Additionally, the well-lit environment provides security for customers visiting the dispensary during nighttime hours.

This makes Happy Harry’s Medicine Shop a good option for those seeking medical solutions in the Wyandotte area. 

However, some customers who live far from the immediate area can find the location of the dispensary slightly inconvenient. A major drawback for those who rely on public transportation or have mobility issues.

Product selection

Happy Harry’s Medicine Shop is not only conveniently located but also offers a good selection of medical cannabis products. Their array of products comprises flowers, Cannabis edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, and accessories. The dispensary is known for carrying products from various reputable brands.

The dispensary offers a range of strains catering to different medical needs and preferences. They offer a number of different strains that work better for specific symptoms. 

One downside to the product selection is that they might not offer a delivery service during peak times. This may be inconvenient for some customers who live far from the dispensary or have difficulty leaving their homes. 

However, they seem to do online ordering which proves to be helpful for those who want to save time and avoid waiting for in-store. They might also have limited stock of some products, such as concentrates. This can be slightly difficult for patients who are dependent on these products for their medical needs.


The dispensary offers competitive pricing making sure that patients can access quality medical cannabis products without spending excessively. Moreover, the dispensary frequently holds sales and promotions, allowing patients to take advantage of even more discounts and save even more money on their purchases.

However, a handful of their higher-quality products can be slightly more expensive than other dispensaries in the area. Some customers have reported that the dispensary’s pricing can be inconsistent. While some products are competitively priced, others are more expensive than similar products at other dispensaries.

Customer service

Staff members are available at the dispensary at all times and can provide recommendations based on a customer’s needs and preferences. 

However, some customers have reported that the dispensary could possibly be understaffed during peak hours of operation resulting in longer wait times and less individual attention. This can be a drawback for patients who need assistance or have questions.

One potential drawback of the dispensary’s customer service is that their response time to customer inquiries can be slow at times. This can be frustrating for patients who need immediate assistance or have urgent questions.


The dispensary can have a lovely atmosphere. However, once occupied with a lot of customers and busy during peak hours, it becomes difficult for patients to navigate and access products. Additionally, the dispensary can be noisy, which can be challenging for patients who are sensitive to noise.

Overall, Happy Harry’s Medicine Shop is a great option for Oklahoma Medical Cannabis Card patients. They have a nice selection of goods at affordable pricing, and their staff is polite and knowledgeable. 

The dispensary’s many perks make it a great alternative for patients looking for a dependable and trustworthy dispensary, despite a few potential negatives, including inconsistent pricing and delayed response times to consumer concerns.

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