Herbal Alternatives II - Washington DC

Herbal Alternatives

4.7 stars

1710 Rhode Island Avenue, NW. 3rd Floor. Washington, District of Columbia US 20036

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Herbal Alternatives is a dispensary in Washington that only sells its products to registered medical cannabis patients. The store has a decent selection of edibles, flowers, pre-rolls, concentrates, and even sells accessories.

The dispensary partners up with the most reliable producers in DC. These products are tested by the producers themselves as DC doesn’t require any third-party testing. 

Herbal Alternatives offers only medical marijuana products. You need to be a registered user to purchase weed in this store. 

Location: Herbal Alternatives is located in Washington, DC. More precisely, the dispensary is at 1710 Rhode Island Avenue, NW. 

The dispensary services all areas of DC and gets clients from surrounding states as well.

Herbal Alternatives offers in-store shopping and only accepts cash. You won’t need to hunt for cash or an ATM nearby. The dispensary has an ATM in the store.

Operating Hours: Herbal Alternatives is closed on Mondays. It is open from Tuesday to Friday from 12 PM and 7 PM. On Saturdays and Sundays, this dispensary in Washington is open from 12 PM to 5 PM.

The store recommends placing an order online or pre-ordering only if you know what you need or are in a hurry. If you visit the store directly, the staff will help you out. Just talk about your health and where you need help.

Ordering system

You can call to pre-order or order online. You’ll need to visit the store in DC to pick the product up. The pre-order should be made at least 30 minutes before pick-up. 

You’ll get a confirmation email after the dispensary receives your order. They will pack and keep the invoice ready. You just need to show your receipt and ID card ready.

There is no mention of delivery on their website. You may need to contact Herbal Alternatives directly to see if they deliver products to your doorstep.

Their menu is available online for people who are experienced and don’t need much guidance. 

If you’re a first-time cannabis user, talk to the doctor or the staff at the dispensary before buying anything. 

Specific offers 

Currently, the dispensary doesn’t seem to have any active offers or discounts. There is no mention of a loyalty program on the Herbal Alternatives website. 

If you’re interested in knowing whether this dispensary offers any deals, you can call or message them directly. They may offer some options to customers directly. 

Top brands

Herbal Alternatives dispensary supports local, high-quality brands. They have enough variety that you should be able to find the strains and price ranges you desire. Some of the brands available in the store are:

  1. Center City Cultivation
  2. Abatin Wellness
  3. Alternative Solutions
  4. Capital City
  5. Columbia Care Cultivation
  6. District Cannabis

The menu isn’t publically accessible now so the information here may be a little out of date. Call the dispensary directly to get the most up-to-date information on their menu. 

Top-rated products

Herbal Alternatives dispensary has a pretty decent collection. Some of the most popular products include:

1. Chocolope

Chocolope is a Sativa strain made from two popular chocolate strains. It was developed in the 1980s and it still remains a favorite among some experienced consumers. 

2. Carmelita #2

This Indica dominant strain offers all the relaxing benefits of Indica with a high of 32.7% THC. Many reviewers mention that this product is sweet minty very refreshing. 

3. 495 

If you prefer hybrid strains, 495 is a reasonable choice. It has 24.3% THC. Its high Indica dominance helps users relax and drift in their mind. 

4. El Chivos Supremes 

This pre-roll contains three rolls with 28.5% THC. The moderate THC level draws people who don’t need a big high. This Indica-dominant strain makes it easy to relax. 

5. Blue Cheese Vape Cartridge

With 88% THC, this vape cartridge gives you a good high. Blue Cheese is also a very popular flavor with no artificial flavorings. 

6. Lemon Ginger Lozenges

This edible has 10 lozenges that linger on the tongue. Different lozenges have different flavors like Corn Syrup, Cane Sugar, THC Oil, Citric Acid, and some natural flavors. 

Their menu has different kinds of edibles. You can sample some syrups, capsules, and gummies. They also have accessories every marijuana enthusiast needs like vapes, pipes, papers for rolls, and other cannabis edibles.