The High Profile Dispensary is a cannabis store offering medical and recreational marijuana at various locations in Michigan, Massachusetts, and Missouri in the United States. In Michigan, you can find its stores in Buchanan, Constantine, Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Grant, Salamazoo, and a few others. If you are in Massachusetts, you can find their store at three locations in Boston, and they also have five dispensaries in Missouri.

  •  Operating hours: You can start buying cannabis from the High Profile Dispensary at 10 in the morning, and their doors close at 9 in the night. The store timings are the same throughout the week to avoid confusion about operating hours for its customers.
  • Ordering system: You can buy your cannabis products by visiting the store, or you can prefer to go for a pickup option. They prepare your order in 30 minutes, and there’s no lower value to pick up. You can call the dispensary for a pickup order, and the contact number is – (517) 992-5140. For online ordering, you can visit the dispensary website at Additionally, you get amenities like cash payments, ATM, debit card payments, and storefront pick-up here.

Deals and offers

The High Profile Dispensary in the US has several offers and deals that you can avail of to make budget-friendly purchases. If you are interested in it, here’s a list of some offers and deals that you can find at this dispensary outlet.

  1. The store has a loyalty program in which you can sign up for free and collect reward points on each purchase. Here are more details about the program:
  • You are given 50 free points on your signup.
  • 350 points can get you a $10 Discount
  • 750 points can get you $25 OFF on all products.
  • You will get a $50 discount for 1250 points.
  • Avail a discount of $100 for 2250 points.
  • 4000 points equals a $200 discount.
  • 7000 points will get you a $420 discount.
  1. Purchasing from this dispensary will also give you early access to upcoming events and offers.
  2. Referral perks are given to customers who create a chain of new costumes for the dispensary.
  3. Get double the reward points for each dollar spent on Tuesdays.
  4. Get a free Penny Pre-Roll on your birthday.
  5. Special discounts are for members only.
  6. On Tuesdays, All products from KIVA Brands are available at 30% OFF. You also get two times the reward points for money spent.
  7. On Sundays, you get two times the reward points for $200 spent and three times the reward points for $300 spent at the High Profile Dispensary.
  8. From Tuesdays to Sundays, medical patients get 10% OFF on all products.
  9. Mondays give medical buyers a discount of 20%.
  10. Veterans are allowed 10% off their entire order.
  11. Senior citizens aged over 60 get 10% OFF on all days.
  12. 10% off for Faculty, Staff, and Students on total purchases.

These are a few well-known reward point offers you can get at High Profile Dispensary. However, there can be more discount offers, which may be exclusive to certain locations of the dispensary. Make sure to ask the staff for the occasional offers that you can avail of when you visit their store.


This dispensary in the United States has an array of cannabis items for you. You can find cannabis pre-rolls, vapes, concentrates, edibles, flowers, and more at the High Profile Dispensary.

The High Profile Dispensary has both premium and affordable brands for its customers, and now we’ll dig into the list of brand names that you’ll come across at this dispensary.

  • Fluresh
  • Sapphire Farms
  • Livwell
  • Trap House Company
  • Michigan Organic Rub
  • Mary’s medicinals
  • The Factory
  • Cali Blaze
  • Jeeter
  • Cloud Cover
  • The Fifth Age
  • HY-R
  • Detroit Dope
  • Holy Smokz
  • LOCO
  • Front Porch

The brands you can see in the list have product prices ranging from less than $10 to higher than $250. It allows the customer to buy budget-friendly cannabis options, and also, they can opt for premium products.

The High Profile Dispensary has some best-selling and staff-selected options for the cannabis enthusiast that you can get. Let us have a look at the top cannabis products here.

Cloud Cover – Silver Fox – Badder

It is a cannabis concentrate that you can get on the High Profile Dispensary for $16. It is from the Cloud Cover brand, and it has 73.8% THC and 0.11% CBD Content. After consuming it, you will experience a feeling of calmness, happiness, relaxation, and energy.

Wyld – Raspberry – Gummies – 200mg

These 200 mg Raspberry Gummies are among the top-selling items on the shelf of High Profile Dispensary, and you can buy them for $18 only. It has a Sativa strain along with 4.92mg of THC and 0.02mg of CBD content. It will make you feel energetic, happy, creative, focused, and inspired.

Apart from the above, there is much more on their shelf for cannabis buyers. You can visit the Dispensary to check them out.