High Tops Dispensary is a cannabis store that sells recreational and medical marijuana products. It is a cannabis dispensary in Colorado that You can reach by visiting 1022 S Royer Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, United States.

  • Operating hours: This dispensary starts its operations at eight in the morning, and you can make the last of your purchases before nine in the night. The operating hours are the same for all seven days of the week to make sure that there is no confusion among the buyers.
  • Ordering System: When it comes to the ordering system, there are all three ordering systems available at this dispensary in Colorado. The High tops cannabis dispensary can be directly visited to purchase cannabis, and you can also go for the storefront pick-up option. Call the store 30 minutes before your visit and get your order prepared on time. Also, you can prefer to choose the home delivery option by visiting the official website https://hightopscannabis.com. This dispensary has ATM and ADA accessibility, along with several other amenities.

Deals and Offers

When it comes to the deals and offers, the high tops dispensary also has several offers for its customers. Some of the exciting offers that you can get at this dispensary in Colorado are given as follows:

  1. Get two in-house pre-rolls for just $4.20.
  2. Buy four in-house pre-rolls for just $8.40.
  3. 1 g Daboratory wax and shatter is available for only $4.20.
  4. 1 g Daboratory resin and Budder available for just $10.80.
  5. 1 g Daboratory diamonds available for just $13.
  6. You can get exciting offers and discounts between the happy hours, which start at 4:20 PM and end at 5:20 PM every day.
  7. Purchase 1000 mg gummies from any brand for just $25 plus taxes on Monday
  8. On topical Tuesday, purchase Mary Jane‘s medicinals at 20% off.
  9. On Thirsty Thursday, get to Keef Colas and get the third one for just one dollar.
  10. On the final Friday, purchase all 1 g find carts at just $25 plus taxes.
  11. Solventless Saturdays can get you all harmony Rosin grams and Rosin vapes at 20% off until the supply lasts.
  12. Cannabis industry workers are offered a 10% discount on all purchases.
  13. Veterans get a 10% discount on their entire purchase
  14. On the last Friday of every month, they offer to buy one get one on everything in the store.

These are some of the exciting offers you can get at the high tops cannabis dispensary. Also, make sure to ask at the counter if these offers are still available when you are making purchases because some of these offers can be limited to time.


This dispensary in Colorado specializes in almost every type of cannabis product. You are going to find products ranging from cannabis flowers to concentrates and edibles to oils. So, you can perhaps get everything you need in the cannabis industry at this store. 

The high tops cannabis dispensary in Colorado has a diverse range of products for its customers. But that diversity does not only lie in the products but also in the brands. When it comes to brands, you are going to find both cheaper and more expensive brands here, and let us tell you about some of the brands that you can find here.

  • Daboratory
  • Healthy creation edibles
  • Oil well
  • Ten six
  • West Edison
  • Viola Inc
  • Sano Gardens
  • Northern standards
  • Next 1 Labs
  • Leiffa
  • Harmony extracts
  • High tops

You will find that there are some brands that focus on affordability and will cost you as low as $10. On the other hand, on the same shelf, you will find products from other brands that will cost you as high as $250. This makes it a store with more affordability as well as experience for its customers.

Let us now tell you about some of the​ best-selling products of High Tops dispensary.

Harmony Rosin Original Glue

This is a product from Harmony Extracts, and it will cost you just $32.35 for 1 g. It has an Indica-based original glue strain, which​ has over 85% THC. This brand is known to offer highly concentrated products, and the main effects of this product include relaxation, sleepiness, and happiness. Additionally, this produc​t ca​n be used to enhance the experience of clarity and consistency in the cannabis effects.

​Good Idea

​Good Idea is a cannabis flower from the Stor​e brand, and it contains 21.83% to 37.31% THC levels and a hybrid strain. You will get a 1g p​ack of this flower from the store for just $3.70, and you can experience the notes of earth, spic​e, and berries in this flower. The top effects of this product are calmness, energy, happiness, re​laxation, and upliftment, and it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.

There is more to their collection, and you can check it out by visiting them.