Information Entropy is a licensed cannabis dispensary in Michigan with two locations in Ann Arbor. 

Dispensary locations: The original Broadway Street shop is in a former church, providing a welcoming vibe. The downtown location invites relaxed exploration. Both stores offer diverse organic CBD oils, concentrates, pre-rolls, flowers, edibles, and vapes.

  • 1115 Broadway St Ann Arbor, MI 48105
  • 202 Miller Ave Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Delivery and operating hours: This dispensary in Michigan offers delivery within a 15-mile radius (minimum $20 order) and a 30-mile radius (minimum $50 order) for accessibility. Storefront hours are 10 am-9 pm Sun-Thurs, 9 am-9 pm Fri-Sat.

Perks and rewards

First-Time Patient Discount 

For first-time recreational or medical patients, Information Entropy offers a 20% off discount on the entire first purchase. This allows new customers to explore a wide selection of products at an appealing price point.

Information Entropy also reserves select popular strains in 1/8th sizes priced at just $20-25 for first patients or anyone looking to try something new without a major investment. This allows budget-friendly experimentation

Text-based rewards

Information Entropy utilizes a text rewards program to build loyalty and provide exclusive savings to returning customers. Patients can enroll by texting a short code number to receive digital coupons, discounts, and alerts on new product releases directly to their phones.

Text subscribers gain early access to limited-time store sales and flash deals before the general public. Special holiday promotions like 4/20 cannabis celebrations or summer customer appreciation events are announced via text message.

Top-Selling products

Information Entropy offers an extensive selection of high-quality organic cannabis products. Some current bestsellers at this dispensary in Michigan include:

Yooper Cookies  

This evenly balanced hybrid delivers a delicious cheesy flavor and potent relaxing effects. The dense green nugs emit a sweet, pungent aroma accented by cream and pine. A customer favorite at Information Entropy for its unique terpene profile and deep body buzz. 

Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC 1) 

Boasting thick, trichome-coated buds with a diesel scent, MAC 1 is a 50/50 hybrid with sour citrus flavors and spicy undertones. It elevates mood and creativity while providing deep relaxation in higher doses. The balanced cerebral and physical effects keep this strain in high demand at Information Entropy.

Lemon Butter

A sweet, earthy Sativa-dominant strain, Lemon Butter offers a robust lemon flavor for uplifting daytime use. It stimulates focus and euphoria with highly regarded anti-nausea properties. The smooth citrus taste makes it a staff and customer top choice.

Mandarin Zkittlez 

This sativa-leaning hybrid is cherished for its candy-like mandarin and grapefruit notes. Hints of spice and herbs complement the irresistible, sweet citrus aroma. Mandarin Zkittlez boosts energy and euphoria for renewed creativity and vigor.

Gelato #33 

A balanced hybrid crossed from Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC. Gelato #33 features floral, fruity scents and creamy, dessert-like flavors. The relaxing, mood-lifting effects ease stress and anxiety after a long day. A top seller for both recreational and medical users.

Wifi OG

This 80/20 Indica-dominant strain is a cross between Fire OG and The White. Offering a piney, lemon aroma, Wifi OG induces a happy, relaxed euphoria and may help reduce symptoms, insomnia, and appetite loss. The sedating effects also might help relieve anxiety.

Blue Dream

A sativa-leaning hybrid crossed from Blueberry and Haze, Blue Dream emits a sweet berry fragrance. It provides long-lasting symptom relief along with cerebral invigoration without heaviness or drowsiness. A daytime staple suitable for many needs.

Gorilla Glue #4

This balanced hybrid is a mix of Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel that offers pine and diesel scents. It elevates the mood and focuses while relaxing the body. Helpful for those dealing with stress, nausea, and pain.

Information Entropy Dispensary provides an extensive selection of high-quality organic cannabis products with a focus on patient education and community. Their two Ann Arbor locations offer a relaxed, welcoming environment to explore the menu.