Jungle Boys Dispensaries operates licensed cannabis dispensaries in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Ana, and is expanding across Florida. Known for premium craft flowers and single-source concentrates, Jungle Boys Dispensaries Offers rare, unique strains cultivated by expert growers.

With a brand built around quality and connoisseur-grade products, Jungle Boys Dispensaries Has become a destination for cannabis enthusiasts around the world. Their retail locations provide access to top-shelf flowers and extracts.

  • Store locations and operating hours: The Los Angeles (TLC Collective) shop is located at 3650 E Olympic Blvd and is open 10 am-9 pm daily, 7 am-9:45 pm Fridays and Saturdays.  

The San Diego location is at 8160 Parkway Dr, open 7 am-9 pm daily. In Santa Ana, the shop is located at 2911 Tech Center Drive, open 10 am-9 pm Sunday-Thursday, 7 am-9:45 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.  

The Florida dispensaries are in Ocala, Orlando, and Daytona Beach. All are open 9 am-9 pm Monday through Saturday and 11 am-6 pm on Sundays.

  • Ordering and payment: In terms of convenience, Jungle Boys Dispensaries Offers various ordering options, including in-store and curbside pickup, as well as delivery services in select areas of California and Florida. Additionally, online ordering with in-store pickup is available, and customers can easily make payments with cash or cards.

Products and inventory  

Jungle Boys Dispensaries offers a library of over 500 rare, exclusive cannabis strains cultivated in-house. Featured flowers include popular varieties like Jungle Apples, Lava Cake, Hippy Crasher, Sour Apple, and Zack’s Pie.

The menu spans flowers, pre-rolls, concentrates, vapes, edibles, tinctures, and topical creams. Brands carried include Jungle Boys, Natural History, WYLD, Kiva Camino, Plus Products, and more.

Top-Selling products

Jungle Boys Dispensaries Offers a selection of premium craft cannabis grown in-house using specialized cultivation techniques. Popular products include:

  • Jungle Apples (Hybrid Flower) – This balanced hybrid strain delivers a burst of tangy pineapple and apple flavors with sweet, fruity aromas. The energetic high provides euphoria and creativity without sedation, great for daytime use.
  • Lava Cake (Indica Flower) – Known for its extremely high 30% average THC level, Lava Cake flower provides a powerful, long-lasting body high perfect for relaxation and sleep issues. The flavor profile recalls rich vanilla cake frosting.
  • Hippy Crasher (Hybrid Flower) – This hybrid cross of Do-Si-Dos and Hippie Crippler emits a pungent, skunky aroma balanced by sweet citrus. The happy, uplifting high relieves stress and pain while allowing mental focus.
  • Sour Apple (Hybrid Flower) – A cross between Sour Diesel and Cinderella 99, the Sour Apple flower has a tart, tangy scent with diesel undertones. The 55/45 sativa-leaning effects provide an energetic, euphoric buzz ideal for social occasions.
  • Mimosa (Hybrid Vape) – The Mimosa vape cartridge captures the essence of the fruity, tropical-flavored flower in convenient concentrate form. Bright citrus flavors accompany a mood-lifting head high.
  • Jungle Boys Dispensaries Flower Mix (Assorted Strains) – This mix pack includes a rotating selection of exotic Jungle Boys Dispensaries Strains in 1/8th sizes. A perfect sampler for exploring their rare cultivars like Hippy Crasher, Sin Mints, and Georgia Pie.
  • Mega Strain Mix (5 Pounds) – For the ultimate Jungle Boys Dispensaries collector, this megamix includes 5 pounds of top-shelf flower with a variety of cultivars hand-selected by their expert growers. Ideal for stocking up on world-class nugs.
  • 2 Pound Super Mix – Get two pounds of mixed Jungle Boys Dispensaries Flowers containing a wide selection of their headliner strains. Always brimming with optimal moisture content and carefully hand-trimmed for maximum quality.
  • Wedding Cake (Hybrid Flower) – This sweet, doughy strain from Jungle Boys Dispensaries Offers a creamy vanilla aroma alongside long-lasting relaxation and euphoria. The perfectly balanced hybrid effects provide therapeutic relief without sedation.
  • Glueber (Hybrid Vape) – This Jungle Boys Dispensaries Vape cartridge captures the essence of the Glueber flower’s gassy, piney scent. The high THC content delivers cerebral euphoria and a mood boost alongside deep body relaxation.
  • Sin Mints (Hybrid Flower) – Sin Mints emit a minty, cookie aroma and provide happy, talkative effects. This well-balanced hybrid may help to relieve pain, anxiety, and stress while allowing focus and creativity.

Jungle Boys’ wide selections ensure single cultivars and mix packs suit all preferences and desired outcomes. The quality never wavers.

Overall, This dispensaries‘ in-house cultivated strains offer connoisseur-grade flowers and extracts for a premier cannabis experience. The depth of their genetics library keeps their menu fresh and exciting.

With locations in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Ana, and expanding across Florida, Jungle Boys’ brand revolves around quality and exclusive products, it is a sought-after destination for cannabis enthusiasts worldwide.