LIV Ferndale Dispensary offers medical and recreational cannabis products. The dispensary provides everything from flowers and edibles to accessories. 

Operating Hours: Liv Ferndale Dispensary is open from 9 AM to 9 PM every day. You can call the dispensary to see if they are open and accepting orders if you’re uncertain.

Address: 2625 Hilton Rd, Ferndale, MI 48220

Ordering system

LIV Ferndale Dispensary sells products in-store and online. The dispensary asks clients to pick up the product up on the same day before 9 PM. If the item isn’t picked up, the store will put it back on the shelf. If you want to buy the product again, it could be out of stock the next day.

The dispensary offers curbside pick-up. You just need to present your ID and proof of purchase to get the weed. You can also place an order online. Delivery is free of cost as long as the order value exceeds $50. You’ll get a confirmation email after placing the order and an approximate timeline for delivery, All deliveries are done between 9 AM to 7 PM. 

LIV Ferndale Dispensary only delivers to residential addresses and requests clients to come to their lobby for pickup.

Special offers

LIV Ferndale Dispensary offers a few discounts and special offers. You can find several coupons on their website with offers like:

  • 30% off
  • Buy 2 get 1 free
  • 4 for $20
  • Buy 1 get 1 free

They also have seasonal offers based on when you buy and keep their website up-to-date with the information. The dispensary also offers a 20% discount for first-time customers and a 15% veteran’s discount. Senior citizens over 65 years get 10% off on their entire cart value.

Featured brands

LIV Ferndale Dispensary hosts a long list of popular brands. It is easy to find alternatives to your favorite options in the store. The popular brands include:

  • 1906 New Highs
  • Breeze Canna
  • Element
  • Common Citizen
  • Fresh Coast
  • High Life Farms
  • Hytek
  • MKX Oil Co
  • Dream Edibles
  • Chill Medicated
  • Peninsula Gardens
  • Pure
  • Raw Gardens
  • Platinum Vape
  • Wana Edibles
  • WYLD
  • True North Collective

All of these brands have a good range of products to choose from. LIV Ferndale Dispensary offers clients a decent selection of products for medicinal and recreational use.


LIV Ferndale Dispensary has products like cannabis edibles, flowers, oils, topical solutions, concentrates, and pre-rolls in stock. Their top sellers include:

Flower Power Purple Octane Jealousy

This product is always on their recommended list and is fairly popular. It contains 23.3% THC and is a hybrid strain with both Sativa and Indica properties. The effect can last for a few hours and is very relaxing.

Sherbinskis Sunset Sherbet

With a little over 19% THC, this strain of cannabis is quite beginner-friendly. It is creamy, fruity, and sweet to taste. A hint of tanginess adds to the complexity of the flavor profile. It is recommended for people experiencing stress or anxiety.

Michigander Fire Crossbow

As the name implies, this strain was originally developed in Michigan and is fairly popular in the state. It is a hybrid product with 26.3% THC. The Crossbow can be fairly energizing and uplifting due to the high levels of THC.

Cookies Undertow

Cookies Undertow is a popular product among users who prefer complexity. It is gas-flavored with dark and fruity notes, making it suitable for mature users. While it is quite strong, it delivers a relaxing experience overall.

Flower Power La Kush Cake

This flower has 21.5% THC and offers a very relaxing experience. The effect can last for a few hours and the flavors linger on the tongue sweetly. This strain is a balanced hybrid with Indica and Sativa characteristics.