Long Beach Green Room (LBGR) Dispensary is a dispensary located in Long Beach, California, that has been in service since 2010. 

It not only provides products in Long Beach, California but also works to deliver education associated with cannabis to the locals residing in Long Beach.

About the dispensary

The dispensary got its doors closed in 2012 due to some reasons, but it got back into action and opened its doors back to customers in 2017. Since then, it has been continuously selling cannabis to its customers.

They work under the legal tax structure of the state and, therefore, impose taxes along with the MRP on their products and services. It makes sure that the customers are not surprised when they see their bills during checkout. It makes it convenient for the customers to believe that what they purchase is what they are paying for.

The Long Beach Green Room has its sales driven by its quality products and the big city with a small-town vibe that it has. No matter if you are a regular consumer or an occasional consumer of cannabis, Long Beach Green Room can deliver quality cannabis products with convenience. 

To place a direct order, the dispensary can be contacted by calling (562) 218-0021.

In-depth information

The Long Beach Green Room dispensary has its network expanded all over the Long Beach area, making sure that they are delivering customers quality products. It has stores open seven days a week, and if someone is willing to buy cannabis from its stores, they need to keep track of when the stores are open and closed.

The time schedule of the Long Beach Green Room is the same throughout the week. It opens at 8 am and closes at 10 pm every day. The time is kept the same every day to avoid confusion and any inconvenience among the customers.

The LBGR store is not only available for making purchases by visiting the store, but it also has online store services. Anyone who is not able to visit the store can shop online for a variety of products, and they will be delivered to the doorsteps. They ensure discreet delivery of customer packages on demand and deliver with none to minimal extra cost.

History of Long Beach Green Room

There is a long history of the store since it was opened back in 2010. Let us have a look at the history of LBGR as the years passed.


For the first time, the cultivation and dispensing of cannabis were made legal in Long Beach. With this opportunity, the Long Beach Green Room opened its doors.


Long Beach Collective Association was created this year to legalize and control the cultivation and sale of cannabis. It ensured that all the products made from cannabis were checked in different steps. The dispensary also got its license of occupancy on September 15, 2011.


Cannabis sales were banned this year because of some legal proceedings, and the doors of the LBGR dispensary were closed. After August 12, 2012, the dispensary was only functioning as the Long Beach Cannabis Campaign Headquarters.


This year, Ballot Initiative got more than 60% votes from the residents of Long Beach. Prop 64 was included in the ballot with 63% votes, and it again allowed the sale and use of cannabis products for adults in California.


Long Beach Green Room was reopened, and it turned out to be the first legal cannabis dispensary to open twice. 


Recreational regulations were decided this year by the Long Beach Green Room and the Long Beach Collective Association. With this, the City council favored the adult and recreational use of cannabis within the state. The new ordinance came into force in August 2018, and LBGR started recreational access in the summer of 2018.


The coronavirus pandemic hit the world in 2020, and the Long Beach Green Room decided to increase its in-store services. It began to deliver products on orders and also included pickup options for customers who were able to come and pick up their orders.


Long Beach Green Room created a partnership with the AOC7 Charitable Organization and organized the first-ever Harvest Resource Festival. It also organized a separate space for people with family members and friends to raise funds that were used to help rebuild an Admiral Kidd Park playground.

Category of products available

It is a one-stop solution to buy various types of cannabis items. Some of the categories of weed products available are as follows:

  1. Flower: The flower variety available at the store is pretty extensive, and you can get flowers of different strains. These flowers can be used to make other edibles and can also be used for smoking purposes. Various popular brands can be found in the flower section at the Long Beach green room dispensary.
  2. Pre-rolls: Pre-rolls are used for smoking cannabis directly. These are available in different varieties at the Long Beach green rooms dispensary. You can choose from a wide range of brands as well.
  3. Vaporizers: Vaporizers are one of the most important and popular items among cannabis lovers. These are used as alternatives to directly smoking cannabis products, and you can find a variety of brands in this department in the store.
  4. Concentrates: Concentrates are purely natural extracts from cannabis plants. These can be used for relieving pain and various other medical purposes. Apart from this, these can also be used for consumption or for recreational activities. You can find a huge variety of these concentrates in the Long Beach Green Room dispensary.
  5. Edibles: There is a huge variety of edibles available, including chocolates and gummies, that can help you enjoy creative activities after consuming cannabis. These have a moderate level of THC from cannabis and add fun to your recreational activities.
  6. Tinctures: The highly concentrated solutions from cannabis plants are also found in the Long Beach Green Room dispensary, and these can be used as symptom relievers. Also, these have properties that make them suitable for consumption. It can be used to get relief from anxiety and other medical issues.

Event participations

The Long Beach Green Room dispensary has also been an active participant in various welfare events in the local society. First of all, it provides prior education to the community residents when they are making their first purchase so that they can use cannabis for good purposes.

Additionally, there are various other events in which the dispensary has taken part. The dispensary has been a part of the first annual harvest in the Long Beach Area, which was hosted by the AOC7.

There are various publications in which the Long Beach Green Room Dispensary has been featured. It makes the dispensary known in various states.