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5999 N. US Highway 41 Apollo Beach, FL 33572

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In 2017, the first MUV dispensary opened in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2017, the major Florida dispensary opened in Apollo Beach. Since then, locations have opened everywhere from St. Petersburg to Sebastian, from Tallahassee to Key West. 

About MUV Medical Cannabis Dispensary

MUV Medical Cannabis Dispensary is known for its potential to provide Cannabis-infused products. they reach out to various Florida’s medical marijuana patients to deliver their optimum quality products.  Their RnD team consists of scientists, who devote themselves to continuous research and innovations of various cannabis medicines that are beneficial in different problems.  From their corporate staff to cultivation and dispensary, their team stays updated on research. They also ensure that they are a knowledgeable resource on the plant and its constituents, including terpenes and minor cannabinoids.

MUV cultivation method 

MÜV's cultivation team is hand-selected from a select group of competent horticulturists and scientists, combining the knowledge and experience of four generations of talented growers with cutting-edge technology.  The operations are carried out in modern facilities in Apollo Beach, Florida. Their expertise, combined with their dedication and highly knowledgeable workers, results in unrivaled quality.  Pesticides and plant growth regulators are not used, and each strain is given the tender loving care it deserves. They grow along with the company.  The brand’s unrivaled dedication to supplying the most basic flower has evolved into a similar mindset when it comes to its extracts and oils.  Their organically produced cannabis product is checked throughout their life cycle by their in-house scientists to ensure that only high-quality medication is given to the patients. Every product has its name, as well as history and passion attached to it. 

MUV Cannabis Dispensary products 

  • MUV cannabis Concentrate

Concentrates are made by extracting beneficial chemicals from marijuana plants and then manipulating them into various forms. Three extraction procedures were developed at MÜV: 
  • Ethanol extraction
  • Hydrocarbon extraction
  • Solventless extraction
Every extraction method was chosen because it preserves a high percentage of the cannabinoids and terpenes present. Hydrocarbon and solventless use heat and pressure to capture the compounds and collect flavonoids in the same way, making them full-spectrum concentrates.
  • MUV cannabis flower 

Marijuana strains are carefully selected to promote the patient's desired effects, as well as flower qualities such as structure, aroma, and trichome development. MUV Flower is available in 3 tiers, with Tiers 1 and 2 noted for their bud size, structure, and aroma and hand-trimmed to highlight these features, and Tier 3 known just by size. The MUV Cultivation rigorously pheno-hunted these cultivars and gifted them with the following characteristics: 
  • Dense trichomes
  • Distinct structures
  • Robust THC content
  • MUV cannabis edibles 

MUV cannabis edibles are manufactured with the highest quality components and are laboratory tested to ensure purity, freshness, and effectiveness. MUV marijuana edibles are available in an incredible variety of THC/CBD combinations to better fit the needs of Florida's patients. All their edibles are blended with superior extract for a consistent and pleasant medicating experience.
  • MUV cannabis inhalers 

Marijuana inhalers are an excellent option for quick and controlled administration of medical cannabis. They provide a discreet and familiar way to medicate. Marijuana inhalers are a necessary item in the cannabis industry. It is a huge breakthrough for patients suffering from respiratory disease and other airway disorders.
  • MUV cannabis sublingual products 

MUV offers a variety of orally ingestible cannabis products, including Tinctures and Sprays, Capsules, Distillates, and RSO, for a smokeless delivery experience. Oral products are available in a variety of THC, CBD, and THC/CBD formulations to better fit the needs of Florida's patients.
  • MUV cannabis topical

MUV has a large selection of topical medical cannabis products to help with pain and suffering. In ancient marijuana topicals, the fat-solubility of THC and CBD provided localized alleviation, whereas marijuana transdermal provides full-body effects. Patients are certain to find the cannabis topical that best suits their performance and pain relief needs among the gels, creams, and lotions available at the MUV store.
  • MUV cannabis transdermal

Patients can use MÜV EnCaps encapsulated technology items to go deeper than the surface with cannabis-based medications. Their proprietary technology uses time-released or high-efficiency THC/CBD as well as deep penetration into the skin and the blood for fast-acting effects. There are no adulterates just pure, THC/CBD content. 
  • MUV cannabis vape products

Vaping is the process of heating marijuana oils to the point of vaporization for inhalation, resulting in an immediate onset of effects. Patients can choose from a wide range of MUV Vape brands and strains to tailor their treatment strategies. Customers can choose from a variety of flavor profiles, Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains.
  • MUV cannabis hardware

To ensure that essential cannabinoids and terpenes are activated, quality cannabis products require the proper delivery methods. All MUV's vaporizer, concentrate, and cannabis flower products are supported by top-of-the-line gear. Find high-quality glass, concentration devices, and vape pen batteries that are built to last. Conclusion MUV cannabis-infused products were created with a specific objective in mind - to bring the benefits and accuracy of the pharmaceutical industry to the world of medical marijuana