The Nature Med Dispensary provides a variety of cannabis products for cannabis enthusiasts. It has various store locations in Arizona and Missouri.

  • Operating hours: This dispensary has various store locations, and therefore, the operation hours may vary from one place to another. However, the ​majority of its stores start their operations ​at 8 in the morning, and​ you can make the last of your purchase at 10 in the night. The​ timings are the same for all seven ​days of the week.
  • Ordering system: At the​ Nature Med Dispensary, you can ​make your purchase by visiting the ​store, or you can place ​an order on call for pickup and​ get your order prepared within ​30 ​minutes. You may also decide to​ place an order by visiting ​their website – They offer you free delivery of your cannabis within a certain radius of the dispensary, and there is no minimum order value. You also get amenities like ADA accessibility and ATMs at the store.

Deals and Offers

The Nature Med Dispensary has a diverse range of cannabis offers and deals, and you can avail of them by making purchases from this store. Here are a few deals and offers that you can get here:

  1. Get ½ oz for $60 and 2 mix-n-match for $100.
  2. Get high-grade products at this dispensary at 25% OFF between 2-4 PM for on-site purchases.
  3. Get 1/8th Tree Junkee flowers at buy one get one free offer.
  4. On Mondays, get House flowers at a price of 25% OFF.
  5. Tuesdays offer you 5 Pre Rolls for just $25.
  6. On Wednesday, wildcard deals, avail a buy one get one free offer.
  7. On Thursdays, get 20% OFF on all edibles.
  8. Fridays give you a buy one get one offer on all brands.
  9. Avail 20% OFF on all concentrates every Saturday, 
  10. On Sundays, avail 15% off your entire order.

These are some deals and offers ​you can get at the Nature Med Dispensary. Some​ of them are available daily, while ​others may be available occasionally. Additionally, as they have​ multiple store​ locations, make sure to ask for the availability ​of these offers to ensure that they are still active.


There are many products offered at the Nature Med Dispensary, and you can make a purchase as per your choices and preferences. They offer you products ranging from cannabis vapes to tinctures and edibles to flowers.

Additionally, there are various products available at the Nature Med Dispensary that you can choose from as per your budget. You can get a premium product as well as a budget-oriented option on the shelves of this dispensary. Let us have a look at some of the brands that you can buy from this dispensary.

  • Timeless
  • I.O. Extracts
  • Kiva
  • WYLD
  • The Green Halo
  • Grow sciences
  • InfiniTHC
  • Savvy
  • High Grade
  • Alien Labs
  • 22Red
  • Tree Junkee
  • Grown4
  • Summus Grow

These brands offer you a diverse price range. You can buy products that will cost you higher than $250, and you can also find some options that will offer you cannabis for a price lower than $10. It depends on what you expect from your cannabis product.

Let us now check out some of the best-selling and staff-selected items that you can get from the Nature Med Dispensary.

Baklava Flower

This is a cannabis flower from Alien Labs, and it has 23.73% THC content and is a hybrid strain. The price for a ⅛ oz flower is just $50 at the Nature Med Dispensary. You inhale it through smoking, and it has an activation time of just 5 minutes but the effects last for a few hours. The top effects you will get from this flower include calmness, energy, happiness, and relaxation.

Cactus Chiller Vape

Another best-selling item at the Nature Med Dispensary is this vape from Timeless, which is a well-renowned brand in the cannabis market. You can buy it for $65 from this dispensary, and it has a hybrid strain. This vape contains 80.3% THC and 0.35% CBD. As it has a hybrid strain that is made primarily from indica, it has effects like calmness, happiness, relaxation, and energy.

Yummy Gummy – 250mg

This is an edible that you can get from the Nature Med Dispensary for $25, and it has a Sativa strain. These gummies are from InfiniTHC and are proven to be highly potent. You can expect it to show its results within 45 minutes, which is longer than other options, but they last up to hours and even a whole day. The strain used makes you feel inspired, focused, creative, energetic, and happy.

These are just a few products from the must-try list of Nature Med Dispensary, and there are many other options as well. If you want to explore more of their stash, you can visit their website, or you can visit the nearest Nature Med Dispensary.