The NEA Full Spectrum is a cannabis dispensary in Arkansas that is known for its wide range of cannabis products. You can pay a visit to the store at this location – 12001 Hwy 49 N, Brookland, AR, in the United States.

  • Operation hours: The NEA Full Spectrum starts its operations at 10 in the morning, and you can make your last cannabis purchase at 7 in the evening from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, the dispensary operates from 12 PM to 5 PM only.
  • Ordering system: To buy products from NEA Full Spectrum, you can visit the store or you can place an order for pickup using the contact number – 870-634-6412. Also, to place an order for home delivery, you can visit their website at – This dispensary has facilities like ADA accessibility, storefront pickup, and ATM at the store for the convenience of the customers.

Offers and deals

The NEA Full Spectrum offers cannabis enthusiasts some interesting discounts on various products, and here are some details about the same:

  1. Medical buyers are offered a discount of 10% on the entire purchase.
  2. The veterans are offered an additional discount of 10% on all orders.
  3. First-time medical buyers get a 15% discount plus the base medical discount.

These are the only discounts that you can get at NEA Full Spectrum, and it is because they primarily focus on selling medical-grade cannabis products. 


At the NEA Full Spectrum, there are many cannabis products available for enthusiasts. You can buy anything like cannabis flowers, vapes, tinctures, edibles, concentrates, oils, and more.

Also, the brand variety at the NEA Full Spectrum is wide, and you can get a range of premium as well as budget-friendly brand options here. So, you can buy a classic cannabis item to have a next-level experience, or you can get reliable and low-budget items. Here are some of the brands that you can find on the shelves of NEA Full Spectrum.

  1. Arkan RAW
  2. Outerspace
  3. NEAF
  5. Good Day Farm
  6. NEA Full Spectrum
  7. River valley relief
  8. Carpenter Farms
  9. OSC
  10. Cookies Brand
  11. Revolution
  12. NSM
  13. Leafology

The above-given list of brands at NEA’s includes both highly-priced as well as low-cost options for cannabis buyers. You can buy a cannabis item for as low as $10, and you can also pick something that will cost you more than $300, and it all depends on your taste, preference, and choices. 

Let us now have a look at their stash and read about a few top-selling items on their shelves.

CBD Gummies: Citrus 500mg

These gummies are available here for $15 per pack and contain 25 mg CBD in one gummy. The pack contains 20 gummies, and it has several health benefits if consumed appropriately. The CBD content in this gummy is known to offer benefits like inflammation reduction and pain relief and may help elevate symptoms of seizures. Also, CBD works with THC

and offers effects that are beneficial for the mental and physical health of an individual.

Cappuccino 1000mg CBD Oil

It is a cannabis oil from the NEA Full Spectrum that is sold for the health benefits it has to offer. You can buy it from this dispensary for only $20, and it is suitable for people with chronic pain conditions. Long-term use of this oil is highly helpful and may treat problems associated with body aches and seizures.

These are some staff-selected items at the NEA’s that are also sold at high numbers every day. If you want to buy medical marijuana, browse their menu online or visit the outlet.