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5242 Van Nuys Boulevard Sherman Oaks, CA 91401 USA

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Off The Charts Cannabis Dispensary is a dispensary with several branches across California. You can find dispensaries in Vista, Palm Springs, Palm Springs Lounge, Sherman Oaks, Winterhaven, San Francisco, Ramona, Costa Mesa, West Hollywood, Sacramento, and South Los Angeles. Branches will soon open up in Corona, and Harbor City as well. Off The Charts has a good collection of products from over 200 brands, which gives you the benefit of choice. This dispensary offers products across different categories and budgets.

  •  Operating Hours – Most branches of this dispensary in California are open between 6 AM and 10 PM Monday to Sunday. Some branches are open between 9 AM and 10 PM. Customers may want to check the timings of individual branches before they leave to visit the dispensary branches. The store timing information is available online and is up-to-date as per our last check.
  • Ordering System – Customers of Off The Charts Cannabis Dispensary have the option to order products online or pick them up from the store. OTC has different shopping windows for different dispensaries so you can online at the store closest to your location for faster delivery. Customers can browse through a particular branch’s menu and add items to the cart. If you don’t find the product you need at one location, you may be able to find it in another branch of OTC.

Deals and offers by OTC

Off The Charts Cannabis Dispensary offers deals on most products sold in their store. These deals are available both online and offline at the Off The Charts store. Some of the promotional offers are sent to customers who are subscribed to OTC’s mailing list. The offers mentioned on OTC’s website include:

  1. Off The Charts provides a 1% cashback on every purchase. This is universal, regardless of the brand.
  2. The dispensary also has a loyalty rewards program. Customers earn points on every dollar spent. You can then redeem the accumulated points in future purchases.

The dispensary also offers a ‘Price Beat Guarantee’. They claim that customers can buy their favorite brands at the lowest prices. You may also get discounts and promotional offers at different points during the year.


As mentioned before, the Off The Charts Cannabis Dispensary sells products from more than 200 brands. Off the Charts has a good combination of brand variety and price range. You can get OBD oils, tinctures, Cannabis edibles, vape oils, concentrates, and even topical solutions. Off the Charts provides medical-grade cannabis as well. Their budtenders are experienced professionals who can offer advice on their products and recommend items that will suit your preferences.

As the dispensary has a selection of over 200 brands, its products are spread across different price ranges. According to the dispensary’s website, customers can choose from brands like:

  •       Apothecanna
  •       Breez
  •       Cookies
  •       Kanha
  •       Big Pete’s
  •       Blem
  •       Heavy Hitters
  •       Cannatique
  •       Kings Garden
  •       Cannavis
  •       CBX
  •       Claybourne Co
  •       CRU
  •       Alpine
  •       Dime
  •       Connected
  •       Elyon
  •       Ember Valley
  •       Jeeter
  •       And more

Some of the producers mentioned in this list are native to California, which means you may end up getting fresh stock. Since there are 200+ brands available at this dispensary in California, it will be easier to find a product that fits your budget. The products range from $1 per gram of flower and pre-rolls to $113 for flowers from Private Reserve.

Top products from Off The Charts cannabis dispensary

Off The Charts sells different kinds of cannabis items from several local brands. Some of the most popular offerings at this dispensary in California include:

1. Apples & Bananas – 3.5 grams from Fields Family Farmz – Flower

 Apples and bananas contain 3.5 grams of flowers and are produced by Fields Family Farmz. It is a hybrid product with GDP, Platinum Cookies, and Blue Power strains for an elevated experience. Apples and bananas contain 38.54% THC, making them an excellent choice. It contains relatively high levels of THC so users are likely to experience a good high along with increased appetite and heart rate.

2. 1:20 Relax – 3.7fl.oz Balm by Dr. May

Topical creams, gels, and lotions with cannabis can be used against skin conditions. Dr. May’s balm has 200mg THC and 10mg CBD, a combination that can help soothe skin irritation. Consult with Off The Charts Cannabis Dispensary’s staff to understand whether this product is suitable for your particular concern.  

 3. Acai Berry – Edible – 2:1 CBG: THC from Kanha

Cannabis gummies are a favorite among people who like edibles. Off The Charts Cannabis Dispensary has a stock of edibles like these acai berry gummies from Kanha. These gummies have a mix of active ingredients for better physical and mental health. The dispensary in California claims these gummies will improve the user’s gut health, anxiety, stress, and depression.

Off The Charts Cannabis Dispensary is a small family business sticking to its roots and supporting local producers. The dispensary also likes being hands-on in the community with fundraising and charity drives. Off The Charts Cannabis Dispensary will be a good choice for customers in California with this wide network of stores and the availability of different brands.

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