Pack SGV is a cannabis dispensary in Southern California’s San Gabriel Valley, precisely at 3551 Peck Road, Unit #102, El Monte, CA 91731. 

The dispensary is open seven days a week from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., giving customers convenient access to a wide range of cannabis products for both recreational and therapeutic purposes.


This cannabis dispensary is known for providing quality cannabis items including flowers, edibles, concentrates, vaporizers, tinctures, accessories, and more. Their assortment comprises some of the industry’s quite well-known and sought-after brands, ensuring that clients have access to satisfactory cannabis items on the market.

Pack SGV delivers a warm atmosphere for consumers in addition to a large selection of items. The staff at the dispensary is always available to answer questions, provide recommendations, and assist consumers in finding a good product for their requirements.

All of the items sold at the dispensary are tested for potency and quality.

Pack SGV Product Line

Pack SGV as the cannabis product dispensary is known to host some of the top cannabis brands which is also evident from its comprehensive and vast product line. 

  • Flower: Pack SGV offers a wide variety of flower strains, including indica, hybrid, and Sativa dominant strains. Cannabis consumers can choose from popular strains such as OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Alien Cookie, Blue Cookies, and Blue Dream, as well as lesser-known strains for a more unique experience.
    The dispensary also offers different sizes of flowers, ranging from grams to ounces, to suit various needs and preferences. Examples: 100 Packs 100 OG 3.5G, Alien Labs – Biskante – 3.5G. Alien Labs – Y2K – 3.5G, etc.
  • Pre-Rolls: Another important cannabis product category, Pre-rolls are a convenient and popular option for cannabis customers who prefer not to roll their joints. Pack SGV offers a variety of pre-rolls made from high-quality flower strains. These pre-rolls come in different sizes, including single, half-gram, and full-gram options, and can be purchased individually or in packs.
    Examples: Alien Labs – Kryptochronic – 1G – PR, Alien Labs – Xeno – 1G – PR, Clade ‘9 – Private Reserve – 2.5G – PR Pack, etc.


  • Vaporizers: For cannabis customers who especially prefer vaporizing over smoking, Pack SGV offers a variety of vaporizers, including both desktop and portable options. The dispensary carries vaporizers from well-known brands like 710 Labs along with other good options.
    Examples:  710 Labs – Bad Apple #7, 710 Labs – Cherry Noir #21, etc.


  • Concentrates: Packs SGV includes concentrates and cannabis wax which are an optimally potent form of cannabis that can be used in a variety of ways, including dabbing, vaping, or adding to flower. Pack SGV offers a variety of concentrates, including live resin, shatter, wax, and more. The dispensary also offers tools and accessories needed for dabbing, such as dab rigs and nails.
    Examples: 710 Labs – Blueberry Haze – 1G – Water Hash, 710 Labs – GMO -1G – Live Rosin, etc.


  • Edibles: Pack SGV offers a variety of edibles, including gummies, chocolates, cookies, and more. These products come in different dosages and flavors, providing customers with a tasty and discreet way to consume cannabis.
    Examples: Agua De Flor – Blackout Blueberry – 100 MG, Agua De Flor – Fresa – 100 MG, Agua De Flor – Horchata – 100 MG, etc.


  • Tinctures: Another good way to consume cannabis is by tinctures, and Pack SGV offers a variety of tinctures with different cannabinoid ratios, such as CBD, THC, or a combination of both. These products can be taken sublingually or added to food or drinks for easy consumption.
    Examples: Dr. May – Balance 1:1 – 350MG – 15 mL, Dr. May – Relax 1:20, Kan+Ade – Blueberry Pom, etc.


  • Topicals: For cannabis customers who are looking for relief from pain or inflammation, Pack SGV offers a variety of cannabis topicals, including creams, lotions, and balms. These products can be applied directly to the skin and provide localized relief without the psychoactive effects of other forms of cannabis.
    Examples: Dr. May – Relax 1:20 – 3.75oz – Balm, Mary’s Medicinal – THC Gel Pen, etc.


  • Accessories: Pack SGV also offers a variety of cannabis accessories, such as pipes, bongs, rolling papers, and more. The dispensary carries products from well-known brands, as well as local and unique options.
    Examples: 100 Hats, 710 Labs Black Battery, 710 Labs White Battery, etc.


Cannabis customers have given Pack SGV, a cannabis shop in El Monte, mixed ratings. Customers have commended the dispensary for its discounts, professional personnel, and diverse product selection. They also like the early start time and plenty of parking. Consumers have suggested that for good-quality flowers, they try Elyon Lowell, Mohave, Maven, Clayborne, and Cream of the Crop.

Several consumers, on the other hand, have voiced unhappiness with the quality of various items, notably carts and vapes, which they allege are frequently malfunctioning and of poor quality. Another consumer reported a negative encounter with the dispensary employees, whom they felt were unprofessional.

Despite the conflicting evaluations, numerous customers have become regulars at Pack SGV and like the staff’s service. They also like the senior discount provided by the dispensary.

As a result, Pack SGV appears to provide a diverse assortment of items and has both satisfied and dissatisfied consumers. While some customers have complained about defective items and bad customer service. Others have found the dispensary to be reasonably priced and dependable.