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4.3 stars

2001 Chapman Ave Rockville, Maryland US 20852

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Peake ReLeaf is a licensed cannabis dispensary located at 2001 Chapman Ave in Rockville, Maryland. Conveniently situated, they provide access to a variety of marijuana products for both medical and recreational consumers. 

This dispensary in Maryland is open Monday-Saturday 10 am-8 pm and Sunday 10 am-6 pm. Peake ReLeaf aims to offer high-quality medicine, exceptional service, and transparent pricing.

Ordering and pickup: Online ordering and pickup provide convenience. Customers can browse online and select delivery or in-store pickup. The streamlined process ensures hassle-free access to desired products

Loyalty programs 

Peake ReLeaf offers two robust loyalty programs to reward returning recreational and medical customers.

  • For recreational consumers, joining the rewards program provides top-tier service and significant savings on purchases. Members can accumulate points towards future discounts, with higher tiers conferring greater benefits.
  • Special events like customer appreciation days or holiday sales allow rewards members early access or extra savings. The program incentivizes return visits with perks like gifts, bonus points, and entries into prize raffles.
  • Medical patients can sign up for Peake ReLeaf’s points-based loyalty program. For every $1 spent, members earn 1 point. Upon accruing 1,000 points, patients receive a $100 credit to redeem on purchases of $150 or more.

Points do not expire, so medical users can accumulate savings over time to put toward a higher-ticket purchase. The dispensary may also offer double point days or bonus points on select medicine brands.

In addition to dollar-off credits, medical members can access exclusive weekly deals, personalized product suggestions based on their conditions, and prioritized service. The program makes medical patients feel valued for their loyalty.

Product selection

The menu includes flowers, vapes, edibles, and pre-rolls spanning CBD-only, balanced THC/CBD, and high-THC varieties. Top-sellers include the energizing Sour Diesel vape cartridge, Blood Orange CBD gummies, THC-infused Lemon Agave chews, the sedating Double Krush flower, and convenient Gelato Cake pre-rolls.

Top products

Peake ReLeaf offers a selection of top-quality cannabis products for both recreational and medical use. Some current best-sellers include:

  • Sour Diesel Sativa Vape Cartridge – This high-THC distillate cartridge from District Cannabis offers an uplifting, energizing experience with 77.76% THC and flavorful terpenes.
  • Blood Orange CBD Gummies – With a 5:1 ratio of 100 mg THC to 500 mg CBD, these gummies from In-House provide therapeutic relaxation and relief.
  • Lemon Agave Fruit Chews – Betty’s Eddies’ delicious lemon-flavored chews deliver 100 mg THC for those seeking a tasty edible experience.
  • Double Krush Indica Flower – This potent indica strain from Nature’s Heritage contains 35.77% THC for deeply sedating and relaxing effects.
  • Gelato Cake Pre-Rolls – Consumers enjoy the convenience of District Cannabis’ 0.5 g Gelato Cake indica pre-rolls with smooth, flavorful hits.
  • Golden Goat Sativa Flower – Boasting a citrusy, tropical aroma, this sativa from Parea provides an energizing, creative head high popular with recreational users. 
  • Ice Cream Cake Live Resin (Indica) – Cresco Labs: This creamy, dessert-flavored Indica concentrate by Cresco delivers relaxing effects alongside an enticing aroma.
  • Point Break #4 Live Resin Cartridge (Sativa): For an uplifting vape experience, this Point Break #4 cartridge offers sativa-like effects with a citrusy flavor profile.
  • 1:1 Caramels (THC: CBD) – Betty’s Eddies: These balanced caramels from Betty’s Eddies blend THC and CBD in a delicious candy format for therapeutic relief.
  • Bio Jesus Flower (Indica) – Cresco: Known for its sedating qualities, this Bio Jesus flower from Cresco Labs provides high THC potency above 29%. Ideal for unwinding at night.

Peake ReLeaf provides a licensed cannabis dispensary in Maryland focused on service, quality, and value. With convenient online ordering for pickup, a variety of top-tier products, and robust loyalty programs, this dispensary aim to meet the needs of medical patients and recreational consumers alike. Knowledgeable staff in a laidback environment educate customers and offer personalized guidance.