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29370 Hunco Way lake elsinore, California US 92530

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R2H Dispensary

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Near Lake Elsinore, California at 29370 Hunco Way

About R2H Dispensary

R2H Dispensary operates a licensed cannabis retail location in Lake Elsinore, California located at 29370 Hunco Way. R2H Dispensary’s shop aims to provide premium products at competitive prices.

With a wide selection of flowers, vapes, edibles, and more, R2H Dispensary positions itself as one of the area’s top destinations for exotic and exclusive strains. 

  • Store Hours: R2H Dispensary is open 7 days a week from 7 am to 9 pm. 
  • Other amenities: The location is wheelchair accessible and has on-site ATM and security. 
  • Ordering system: Online ordering is available through their website for pickup or delivery.
  • Offers and deals: R2H Dispensary welcomes first-time customers with a special offer of a free branded t-shirt and 1 gram preroll. Senior citizens and military veterans also receive 15% off all products with valid IDs.

Products and inventory

R2H Dispensary partners with premier California cultivators and manufacturers like Jungle Boys, Glass House Farms, Alien Labs, Connected Cannabis Co., and more to offer exotic strains not found elsewhere locally.

Featured flower includes exciting sativa, indica, and hybrid varieties like Baklava, Chocolate Malawi, Dosido, and Zkittlez Cake. Vape cartridges, pre-rolls, edibles, and concentrates are also stocked.

Top products

California brands. Best sellers include:

  • Apples & Bananas Flower (Jungle Boys) – This fruity hybrid strain provides a balanced euphoric buzz with sweet apple and tart tropical flavors. The medium THC level allows relaxation without sedation.
  • Horchata Infused Prerolls (Boogie Boards) – Smooth and creamy horchata-flavored pre-rolls amplified with THC oil for added potency. The sweet taste pairs with relaxing effects.
  • Forbidden Fruit Vape (Glass House) – A premium Forbidden Fruit Indica oil vape capturing tropical mango and pineapple flavors in an ultra-potent distillate. Uplifting and creative.
  • Baklava Flower (Big Boy Dro) – This pungent hybrid packs 26% THC for a powerful euphoric high alongside nutty, earthy notes. Enhances creativity without sedation.
  • Blue Dream RSO Syringe (Blue Magic) – Concentrated THC oil with 744mg THC retaining Blue Dream’s relaxing yet motivating sativa effects and fruity aroma.

R2H’s carefully curated inventory ensures access to both common and exclusive strains from respected California cultivators. The quality shines through in these top products

  • Baklava Flower (Big Boy Dro) – This pungent hybrid strain packs a powerful 26% THC content alongside hints of nutty, earthy flavors. The long-lasting euphoric high provides uplifted creativity without sedation.
  • Blue Dream RSO Syringe (Blue Magic) – Blue Dream RSO offers concentrated THC Oil with a flavor profile mirroring the iconic sativa. The 744mg THC content provides hours of relaxation and creativity.
  • Littles Indica Prerolls (Littles) – These budget-friendly Littles preroll packs provide 0.5g joints in a variety of sedating, body-focused Indica strains. Great for sampling or adding variety to your routine.
  • Zkittlez Cake Flower (GF1) – This sweet, fruity Indica-leaning hybrid cross of Zkittlez and Wedding Cake emits 25% THC for long-lasting relaxation with euphoria. Notes of berry and vanilla swirl in its aroma.
  • Guava Bubble Gum Infused Prerolls (Ministry of Hemp) – Offering amplified potency through THC oil infusion, these mini berry and tropical guava flavored pre-rolls offer convenience and flavor.

This dispensary in California’s partnership with premier California cultivators and manufacturers like Jungle Boys, Glass House Farms, and Alien Labs ensures access to a captivating selection of exotic strains rarely found elsewhere. Whether customers seek the uplifting effects of sativas like Chocolate Malawi or the relaxing qualities of indices like Forbidden Fruit, R2H offers a well-rounded inventory to cater to diverse preferences.

Whether customers are seeking unique strains, quality products, or personalized guidance, R2H remains a trusted and sought-after destination within the cannabis community.

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