Re-Leaf 85624 is a cannabis dispensary located in Patagonia, Arizona. It is popular among the locals of Patagonia for serving adult-use cannabis products, which include flowers, concentrates, edibles, and topicals. 

They do not use the online system for placing order confirmations, and the customer has to pick up the orders from the store after one hour of order submission. 

It is open from Monday to Sunday, and the timings are 7 AM to 10 PM.

More about Re-leaf 85624

Re-Leaf 85624 is a licensed recreational cannabis dispensary in Arizona that serves customers living in the Patagonia area. They have well-educated employees who help the customers to purchase the right products according to their needs. It is not only used for recreational activities but apart from this, it can also be used for medical conditions.

Aari Rubin is the director of Re-Leaf 85624. He was 37 years old when he established this dispensary. He belongs to a family from Sonotia, Arizona. Anyone can contact the dispensary by dialing 5208861760, and the exact location is 8060 E. 22nd ST. Tucson, Arizona.

They have a wide range of products available, and the variety ranges from flowers to concentrates and Cannabis edibles to tinctures. Re-Leaf 85624 has its services available within a 25 m radius of that store location. The store is open 365 days a year so that no customer faces any sort of complications or problems. 

The store was earlier available for online purchases as well, but due to some reasons, online orders are not taken anymore. If you want to order a product from the store through delivery services, you will have to call the store. Even more, you will have to visit the store itself to purchase any item that is not listed on the online platform. The delivery services are made available to the customers at a minimum to no cost.

There are certain amenities that are made available to the customers within the store, and automatic teller machines are one of them. Moreover, they also launch weekly offers and specials for customers to retain their base. Apart from this, special discount offers are available for customers on Wednesday and Thursday.

Buying on call

The online website of Re-Leaf 85624 may or may not work sometimes, but it has on-call delivery services available. The customer who wants to purchase cannabis products from them can directly call the store and get his order prepared. The process is pretty simple, as the staff will assist the customer in delivering the right product that they are looking for. So, buying on-call from the Re-Lead 85624 store is pretty convenient, and the process is easy to go through.

Things you can buy at Re-Leaf 85624

Cannabis consumers visiting Re-Leaf 85624 stores get a huge variety of items available. As mentioned above, you can get whatever you need in the cannabis products section, and some of the most important products that you can find in the store are given below.

  • Flowers

There are different types of flowers available for customers, which include strawberry jelly flavors with a THC content of 14.01%.
Apart from this, customers can also prefer purchasing a hybrid flower labeled as Red Runtz, which has a THC content of 23.91%. The price is $12. The variety goes on, and you will find much more than just a small amount of different flowers.

  • Concentrates

In the section on concentrates, you will get a variety, but they are at a very minimum. There are different concentrates available with different flavors, including watermelon, natural infusion, cherry infusion, grapes, cinnamon, and much more. The concentrate items also include sugar wax in different colors and flavors. These are the concentrates with a very high amount of THC content, ranging from 78.48% to 79.12%.

  • Edibles

The range of edibles available on the Re-Leaf 85624 includes several choices that have a THC content of several hundred milligrams. Also, there are hard candies available, which include flavors like lemon, watermelon, and much more. For someone who is new to cannabis recreational activities, there is hard chewable candy available with an equal proportion of THC and CBD.

  • Cartridges

Cartridges are also some of the products that you can find in the Re-Leaf 85624 store. They include cartridges of 1 g packaging. The THC content in it is 77.93%. Apart from this, there is a distilled cartridge available with a THC content of 72.89%, and there is much more in the cartridge section at the store.

  • Pre-rolls

Pre-rolls are one of the best-selling products in this store. They have different types of pre-rolls available for anyone who likes to smoke cannabis. The THC content in the pre-rolls in this store ranges from 15.42% to 28.79%.

  • Topical products

The Re-Leaf 85624 store also has several topical products on its shelf for customers, including body balms with a THC content of 0.37 mg and more. There are various other items, including muscle jelly and mineral baths, which can be quite relieving for symptoms.

They are licensed, and therefore, there is no regulatory issue that anyone will face while purchasing cannabis from this store. 

They have services available like cash, ATM, and storefront payments. If anyone decides to purchase for home delivery, the Re-Leaf 85624 store will also provide appropriate services.