RedBilly Dispensary

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RedBilly Dispensary is located miles east of Kansas, Oklahoma at 3048 US-59, Watts, OK 74964 along Highway 412

Red Billy Overview

When it comes to finding the best hemp and marijuana products available, only the most meticulous and dedicated producers who have a passion for the craft of all things cannabis can provide you with the sort of quality products you’ve come to expect from industry leaders. RedBilly Dispensary, right in the heart of Oklahoma, is one such producer of top-notch cannabis and hemp products. Pay them a visit any time you like, and they’ll be able to show you just what exactly years of experience in the cannabis industry look like.

RedBilly Dispensary has the finest and most diverse selection of products

Whether you’re looking for concentrates, flowers, or hemp, RedBilly Dispensary has a wide selection of options made only from the highest caliber of flowers and extracts that can be made in a temperature-controlled laboratory setting.

They’ve spent years honing their skills and techniques to produce different flavors and strengths that satisfy even the widest range of palates. From budders, oils, caviars, crumbles, crystallines, distillates, shatters, dry sift, flowers, vapes, edibles, gummies, pens, orals, and a whole lot more, their unbeatable cannabis products are available in a wide range of different forms that can satisfy even the most meticulous of marijuana connoisseurs.

Of course, at some of the best rock-bottom prices you’re likely to find anywhere else across the great state of Oklahoma. 

Made from methods that simply work

With years of experience in the cannabis business, RedBilly Dispensary has been able to hone its craft all across the board, from growing and cultivating to harvesting and finalizing the product that makes its way to the end of your chosen smoking apparatus.

They do it all in-house across their expansive warehouse and state-of-the-art production facility. Nothing is left to chance, and every step of the process, from the initial seedling to the final products you see on the shelves in their sprawling dispensary, is meticulously planned and executed using top-of-the-line production equipment.

You’ll be assured that whichever of their wide array of products you choose to go home with was made with the utmost care in an environment where only the very best can flourish and be cultivated into the end product.

RedBilly Dispensary satisfied customers say all you need to know

For years, RedBilly Dispensary has been dedicated to serving the great state of Oklahoma by meeting and exceeding all of its customers’ different cannabis needs.

If you step inside their dispensary and have something specific in mind that you’re looking for, chances are you’ll find it and be even more satisfied with it than you’d expected once you’re back home. 

red billy

A convenient location and hours to serve you all year round

Located just miles east of Kansas, Oklahoma at 3048 US-59, Watts, OK 74964 along Highway 412, RedBilly Dispensary is open each and every day and night, all year round, from Monday-Thursday (9 am-9 pm), Friday-Saturday (9 am-12 am), and Sunday (9 am-9 pm). 

Just look along your drive for the big red signs and flapping green flags out front of the long black and red warehouse complex right before the border between Oklahoma and Arkansas. Ample parking space is available for all customers.

Once you step inside their doors into their beautifully lit dispensary, you’ll find everything you could ever imagine when it comes to cannabis and very likely some new products that you’ve never seen before anywhere else. Daily and weekly deals are often held throughout the year to offer you the best products at the very best prices.

They even have official RedBilly Dispensary merchandise for sale that you can buy to show your support for your new favorite masters of the art of the cannabis craft. 

So the next time you’re in the area and looking to take your marijuana experience to a whole new level, don’t hesitate to stop by RedBilly Dispensary. Meet the new sheriff in town, who will show you just what it looks like to live and breathe cannabis.

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