Remedy 313

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20041, 8 Mile in the city of Detroit

About Remedy 313

Remedy 313 is a dispensary based in Detroit, Michigan. It is located at 20041, 8 Mile in the city of Detroit. 

They market themselves as a brand that is completely licensed when it comes to any kind of THC or CBD product. Remedy 313 has a whole variety of items on offer for amateurs and seasoned pros alike.

They have quite a few branches as well. Some of the places they have branches are Riverside, Eastvale, Ontario, Norco, Upland, and Colton.

About Remedy 313

The store has quite a few features that make it a go-to for many customers. It has a parking lot that has good lighting all around it, along with its very own security personnel installed 24/7.

There are security guards present at all key points at all times. They have a lot of popular brands on display, such as Cali, Jeeper, LA Kush, and Cookies.  They also accept any ID, even if it is from another state.

The store is open on all 7 days of the week, opening at 9 in the morning and closing at 9 in the evening, which means it is open for about 12 hours daily.

The store has a phone number that can be called at any time for any kind of query regarding the store and its products.



The dispensary has a wide variety of products on offer, like indicas, sativas, exotics, and hybrids. Let’s see what their most in-demand products are.


Flowers are the dispensary’s highest-selling products, so let’s take a look at some of the types of flowers that are popular in the store.

AU Sherb Cream pie-i 22.5 is one of the highest-selling flowers in the shop. It contains 22.5% THC. It takes about 70 days to flower completely. It has a pretty good yield as well, with a purple color spread out through the flower. It contains Sherb cream terpenes that are cut with a few tones of runtz which means that the smokability factor of the flower is good. It costs about $25  for each unit of the flower.

Another one of their popular flowers is AU Boston Cream-H 31%.  It has about 31% THC. It is mainly used through inhalation. It only takes about 5 minutes to take effect, and these effects can last quite a few hours. It costs about $25  for every single unit. It has a CBD content of 0.06% and a THCA content of 32.

Vape pens

Vape pens are also one of the dispensary’s more in-demand products. Now we see what some of their most popular vape pens are.

The AU The8th, which is a 1 kg disposable that contains the OG Kush combination, is the store’s highest-selling vape pen. The pens cost $20 per unit. They have a high amount of THC. Most vape pens are chosen nowadays due to their ease of use. The 8th pen is one of the variations that achieves this quite seamlessly.

The AU Select 1:1 Flo vape pen is one more type of vape pen that is quite popular in the Remedy dispensary. It also has a similar price to that of the AU The8th pen, but it is actually a bit more expensive at 25 dollars per unit. The pens can be ordered online, after which the customer can pick them up at the store, making the process of waiting in line redundant.


Concentrates are popular products in any dispensary that is on the rise these days. Customers are loyal to these concentrates, so let’s have a look at some of them.

The GG #4 Sugar is one of the best concentrates that the dispensary sells. The concentrate gets its name from the consistency that it has, which is said to be like wet sugar. Cannabis sugar is made by the method of chemical extraction, which means that it can be created by using either dry flowers or frozen cannabis plants. The strain Original Glue was created by crossing Chocolate Diesel, Chem’s Sister, and Sour Dubb. It gives it a flavor profile of pine crossed with chocolatey flavors, which also have an aroma of diesel.

The Triangle Pound Cake THCa 1G is another one of the dispensary’s top concentrates. It is produced by Monster Xtracts. Wedding Cake, the strain used in this, is a slightly rare type of strain that was created by Seed Junky Genetics when they crossed Animal Mints with Triangle Kush. The name was given to it because of the aroma, which is reminiscent of vanilla frosting and resin, which is known to be sparkling.

Overall, with its wide range of products, Remedy has become a prominent dispensary in the area.

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