Restore Integrative Wellness Center is a cannabis dispensary and recreational center that has its store located in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In Pennsylvania, the store locations are Pottstown, Elkins Park, Doylestown, Fishtown, Yeadon, and Lancaster. The New Jersey store is located in Glassboro.

  • Operating Hours:  From Monday to Saturday, this dispensary opens at 9 in the morning and closes at 8 in the evening. On Sunday, this cannabis center opens at 9 in the morning and closes at 5 in the evening.
  • Ordering system: you can make your purchase from the Restore Integrative Wellness Center by visiting their store, or you can place an order on call at the nearest dispensary. They facilitate home delivery with additional charges, and there is no minimum order value required for storefront pickup or home delivery. This dispensary has amenities, including a storefront, ATM, cash acceptability, ADA accessibility, and more.

Deals and offers

The Restore Integrative Wellness Center has several offers for its customers, allowing them to make budget-friendly purchases from here. Let us give you information about some popular and exclusive offers that you can avail of at this dispensary:

  1. The Restore Integrative Wellness Center makes you automatically enroll in the loyalty program on your first purchase. These reward points never expire, and you can get discounts on reaching certain reward points as per the given details:
  • 100 points – $5
  • 200 points – $10
  • 300 points – $15
  • 400 points – $20
  • 500 points – $25
  1. 20% discounts for new restore patients on their first purchase on all days of the week.
  2. 20% OFF for veterans on all products every day.
  3. 15% discount for senior patients over the age of 60.
  4. You get a 15% SNAP discount under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  5. 15% Supplemental Security Income Discount
  6. 15% Social Security Disability Insurance Discount
  7. Veterans are allowed a 25% discount on all purchases every day.
  8. 10% OFF for PA MMJ industry employees who carry current pay stubs to the dispensary.
  9. On a $500 purchase, get a 5% additional discount on the entire order.

You do not need to make any minimum order purchase to get these discounts. However, always make sure to check if these offers are available at the Restore Integrative Wellness Center and cannabis dispensary from which you are making your purchase. The dispensaries located in different states or areas may have different offers.


The Restore Integrative Wellness Center has a diverse range of premium and budget-friendly products ranging from cannabis flowers to concentrates and edibles to vapes.

In this dispensary, you can find brands that are well-known and verified, as well as brands that are suitable for low-income groups. Here is a list of some well-renowned cannabis industry brands that you can see here:

  • &Shine
  • 1906
  • Airo Brands
  • Calypso
  • Cersco
  • Crops
  • Double Bear
  • Dr. Solomon’s
  • Eleven
  • FarmaceuticalRx
  • Float
  • FloralCal
  • gLeaf
  • Good Green
  • Grassroots
  • iKrusher
  • Ilera
  • Nasa
  • Leiffa
  • LOST in Translation
  • Maitri Genetics
  • Natural Selections
  • Old Pal
  • Organic Remedies
  • Parea
  • RIWC
  • Standard Farms
  • Supply
  • Seven Hills
  • Terrapin
  • Verano
  • The Woods Reserve
  • Vytal Options
  • Whole Plants

This list of brands has names that offer cannabis products starting from lower than $10 and also goes up to items that will cost you $250+. You can go for a premium cannabis experience, or you can opt for the low-budget economical option.

In the Restore Integrative Wellness Center and Cannabis Store, you get a diverse range of best-selling and staff-selected products. Let us enlighten you about some of the best-selling items that you must try from Restore Integrative Wellness Center.

Wedding Cake

It is one of the best-selling Extracts from Live Wax that you can find at the Restore Integrative Wellness Center at a discounted price of 30%. You can buy one unit for $70 that contains 87.73% THC. It has a hybrid strain that makes you feel more energetic and uplifted.

Georgia Pie #4

This is a Live Roin from the Standard Farms brand containing 79.53% THC. It is a small batch of live Hash Rosin with a hybrid strain made by crossing Gellati with Kush Mints. The other terpenes in this rosin are Caryophyllene, Humulene, Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene, Pinene, and B-Pinine. You can get it for $75 from this dispensary or its official website.

Lemon Tree Flower

This one is a Hybrid flower that is homegrown and comes from the Maitri Genetics brand. It has 27.77% THC content mixed with a diverse range of other terpenes. The strain parents are Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel, and you can buy it from this dispensary for $45/3.5 grams. It has the starting effects of upliftment and euphoria that will motivate you and make you feel optimistic. If a high dose is consumed, it can also make you feel couch-locked.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are more exclusive products on the shelves of Restore Integrative Wellness Center. Visit the store or explore online to see what else they have in their stash.