The RVA Cannabis Company offers medical and recreational marijuana products. If you want to buy cannabis products from this dispensary in Virginia, you can visit this store at 4500 W Hundred Rd, Chester, Virginia 23831, United States.

  • Operating hours: This dispensary starts its operations at 10 in the morning, and you can make the last purchase before seven in the evening. On Sunday, the dispensary is closed, and therefore, you cannot make a purchase from this dispensary on Sundays.
  • Ordering system: You can make a purchase from this dispensary by visiting the store directly, choosing storefront pick up, or through a home delivery service. To purchase directly, visit the store; if you want to go for storefront pick up, call the store 30 minutes prior to your visit, and for the home delivery, visit their official website They have additional facilities like ADA accessibility, ATM, and several others.

Deals and offers

If you are purchasing cannabis from this dispensary, you can avail many deals and offers. Some of the exciting offers that you are going to come across at this dispensary in Virginia are given below:

  • 15% discount for senior citizens of 65+ age.
  • 15% discount for the veterans of the country on all orders.
  • 10% discount for first-time buyers at the RVA Cannabis Company.
  • 10% discount on the top shelf items.
  • 10% discount on medical-grade cannabis products.
  • One loyalty point for 1 dollar spent here.

Make sure to note that two offers are never available on one product, and you cannot accumulate the offers on a single product. Also, enquire about the offers at the counter or with the store staff to ensure that they are available when you are making a purchase.


The RVA Cannabis Company dispensary has a wide range of cannabis items for its customers. You can buy products like cannabis flowers, cannabis tinctures, edibles, vapes, concentrates, and more.

Just like the products, it has a diversity in terms of brands as well. Some of the popular brands that you will come across in this dispensary include the below-given names:

  1. Willie’s Remedy
  2. Jeeters
  3. PURE
  4. CHD Living
  5. Raw Garden
  6. Cannabiotix
  7. RVAC
  8. Topical
  9. Top Leaf
  10. CuraLeaf
  12. Indiva
  13. CHOICE
  14. Crude Boys
  15. Drip
  16. Mirth
  17. Midnight Roots

This list includes the names of brands with premium products as well as affordable products for consumers. If you want to buy a pr​emium experience, you can buy products that are expensive and will cost more than $300. In case you are looking for an affordable option, you will also get something costing as low as $10.

Let’s now have a look at some stor​e-selected items available at the RVA Cannabis Company.

OMG THC amp’d Cartridge

It is a product from the OMG everything cannabis, and you will have to pay $45 for this product at the – dispensary. It comes in three versions based on Indica, Setia and hybrid strains, making it available for all types of cannabis buyers. It is a vape cartridge, and it gives you ten times more flavors in comparison to the other brands available in the market. It is a best-in-class throat hit and gives you a relaxing experience of cannabis vaping.

Giant Green CBD flower

This is a cannabis flower, and it contains less than 0.3% delta-nine THC. You will have to pay $20 for a 1/8th unit of this product at the RVA Cannabis Company. It is a hybrid flower from the Giant Green brand and gives you effects like euphoria, calmness, relaxation and creativity.

Honey Root Delta 9 single-serve gummies

It is an edible product from the Honey Root Delta 9 THC, and you can buy it for $5 at the RVA Cannabis Company. Honey root delta 9 gummies is a single serving and contains 35 mg total THC per pack. It comes in two delicious flavors, which are prickly pear and watermelon apple. These are made with premium ingredients and top-notch flavor profiles, giving the user the best experience.

If you are interested in buying from this dispen​sary in Virginia, you can visit the RVA Cannabis Company outlet at the above-given address and make your purchase.