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SFVPC Dispensary

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12527 San Fernando Road Sylmar, California US 91342

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The SFVPC Dispensary

SFVPC Dispensary

12527 San Fernando Road, Sylmar, CA 91342 United States

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The SFVPC Dispensary in California is a cannabis outlet where you can buy a variety of cannabis items. This dispensary offers you cannabis edibles, smokeables, and accessories. If you want to buy from this dispensary, you can visit 12527 San Fernando Road, Sylmar, CA 91342 United States. 

  • Operating hours: This dispensary in California starts its operations At 8 in the morning and the last purchase can be made before 10 in the night. The timings for all days of the week are the same, and you can visit any day of the week to this dispensary to buy your cannabis.
  • Ordering system: The ordering system of this dispensary is quite straightforward, and you can make your purchases by directly visiting the store. Also, you can go for the additional options like storefront pickup and home delivery. For the storefront pickup, you must call the dispensary 30 minutes before you visit here. If you are willing to get your cannabis products delivered to your home, make sure that you order directly from their official website – https://www.sfvog.org

Deals and offers

There are a variety of Deals And offers that you​ can find at the SFVPC dispensary in California. Let us enlighten you about the best and most ​exciting offers that you are going to find at this cannabis dispensary:​

  • The seni​or citizens are giv​en a 15% discount on their entire purchase.
  • If you ar​e or have been a military officer​ ​​of the country, you will be given a 10% discount on your ​orders.
  • ​If you are a dispensary staff from any other dispensary, you will get a 10% discount on ​your purchase. 
  • As a member of the Loyalty program at this dispensary, You can avail yourself of up to 30% discount by claiming the collection of 1500 points.
  • For purchasing your cannabis for the first time at this dispensary you can avail 5% discount on your entire purchase and also a free pre-roll.

Before you start making your purchase at the SFVPC dispensary, always make sure to enquire about the available offers. Some offers may end when you visit the store, and therefore, it is necessary to have information about their availability.


The range of products you are going to find at this​ dispensary in California is pretty much diversified. There are all types of products available, and you can find options like cannabis flowers, edibles, tinctures, concentrate, and more​.

Also, they have a diversified range in terms of the​ brand options available for the customers. If you are buying from this dispensary, You will find the following brand names on their shelves from the cannabis market:

  1. Curaleaf
  2. Canna Edibles
  3. Cannabiotix
  4. The West Coast Trading Company
  5. Cali Heights
  6. Froot
  7. WYLD
  8. De. Norm’s
  9. Flower 1966
  10. Proof Extracts
  12. Galaxy
  13. 8-Bit
  14. Cana Cure
  15. Bishop Boyz

These are some of the top names that you can explore on the shells of the SFVPC dispensary. There is a mixture of both affordable and premium brands in this dispensary in California. You can get all types of products, and you can buy products ranging between $10 and more than $300, providing you with a diverse range of options.

Let us now check some well-known products that sell the most from SFVPC dispensary:

Sativa Infused Buds from 8-Bits

This is a cannabis product that is known as diamond infused joint, and you can smoke it to get the effects of cannabis. You are going to get 47.2% THC and 0.04% CBD in this product, making it highly potent. The Strain that is used in this product is homegrown by the 8-Bit brand, and you can get several health benefits from this product as well. It can give you effects like energy, uplifting, focus, and relief. You can get it for $12 at this dispensary.

Honey Jane Bubble Gum Cartridge

This is a cannabis product that you can buy from the SFVPC dispensary for $30, and it has an Indica-based hybrid strain known to offer effects like sleepiness. There is a 91.94% THC and 0.34% CBD in this product, making it high on the strong side of cannabis effects. It can offer you effects like sleepiness, euphoria, and relaxation and make you feel like you are couch-locked. So, make sure that you use it only in​ limits if you are planning to go out for work or parties.

There is much more to the product c​ollection of the SFVPC cannabis dispensary in California, and if you are interested in checking​ out what they have got, you can visit their website. If you are close to their store locatio​n, you ​​can also visit their store to buy cannabis.