The Sky Club

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723 S Allen Street, San Bernardino, California 92408, United States

About The Sky Club

The Sky Club Dispensary is a cannabis store with locations in Los Angeles, California. They sell both recreational and medical cannabis and if you want to make a purchase in California, you can visit 723 S Allen Street, San Bernardino, California 92408, United States.

  • Operating hours: This dispensary starts its operations at nine in the morning and you can make the last purchase before nine in the night. There is a 12-hour system for all of the week so that customers do not find it confusing to remember the visiting hours.
  • Ordering System: When it comes to the ordering system, you will find almost all the options for making purchases from this dispensary. The Sky Club Dispensary in California has storefront pick-up, walk-in purchases as well and home delivery options for the buyers. You can directly visit the store to make your purchase order, you can place an order first and then, pick up your order from the store. Make sure that you place an order 30 minutes prior to your visit if you are going for store-front pick-up. Additionally, they also have the home delivery option available for cannabis buyers and for this, there may be additional charges. You can directly visit the official website and make your purchase. They have ADA accessibility and they only accept cash so they also have an ATM facility for the buyers.

Deals and offers

The Sky Club Dispensary has exciting deals and offers for the cannabis enthusiast. In case you want to buy from this dispensary in California, you are going to get the below-given offers on occasions as well as weekdays.

  • This dispensary has a senior discount of 10% and it is available on all days of the week.
  • The veterans are offered a 15% discount on their entire purchase.
  • If you are the first buyer of the day, you will get a pre-roll for one dollar only.
  • If you are making your first purchase from this dispensary, you get a 10% discount on your entire purchase. They also have a birthday discount of 10% for their customers.
  • Get a 50% discount on items at the Sky Club Dispensary in California.

Some of the offers are exclusive to time while others are exclusive to stock. So, make sure to enquire before you make a purchase to avail these offers.


This dispensary in California has a wide selection of products for its customers. If you buy from this dispensary, you will come across products including flowers, cannabis edibles, oils, and much more.

On the shelves of this dispensary, you are going to come across many brands of the Cannabis Industry. Some of these brands will be expensive and experience oriented while the others are going to be cheaper and budget oriented. Below are some of the names that you can see on the shelves of Sky Club Dispensary.

  2. West Coast Trading Company
  3. Emerald Sky
  4. Mystery Baking
  5. RNBW
  6. Alt Cannabinoids
  7. Connected Cannabis Co.
  8. Ocean Cannabis Company
  9. Canndescent
  10. Papa’s Herbs
  11. Papa & Barkley
  12. The Artist Tree

Purple City Genetics

The brand names are given in the list of both premium as well as cheaper brands. Some of the brand’s products will be available for just $10 while others are going to sell the products for $300. So, you get a mixture of both premium as well as budgeted brands here.

Let us now go through some of the premium and most selling items of the Sky Club Dispensary.

Emerald Sky Gummies

It is an edible from the Emerald Sky Brand and it contains 100 mg THC. The strain is wild berry and it is an Indica dominant strain. You can buy this product from the Sky Club Dispensary for $9.50 only. This product will give you long-term effects but it takes time to show its effects in the first place. Also, the top effects of these products are calmness, sleepiness, relaxation, and relief.

Pineapple OG flower

It is a cannabis flower from the Wonderbrett brand with a Sativa strain. It contains 29.8% THC and you can buy it for $56.50 at the Sky Club Dispensary in California. The top effects of this strain are energetic, Happy, and focused while you may also experience some negative effects like dry eyes, dizziness, and dry mouth. It is more on the energizing side and therefore, it is considered suitable for outdoor activities. It takes about five minutes to activate and its effect lasts for several hours. You can use it to infuse other edibles or, you can smoke it directly using rolls.  

Blue Dream flower

This is a product from the Claybourne Co. with a hybrid strain and 30.4% THC level. You can buy the 1 g flower for $16.50 at this dispensary and it takes about 5 to 10 minutes for activation. The top effects of this strain include creativity, upliftment, and energy while there are some side effects of overdosing including dry mouth, paranoia, and dry eyes.

If you want to check more on their collection of cannabis products, check the official website of Sky Club Dispensary or visit their store.

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