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2115 S Main St Jay, Oklahoma US 74346

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Located in Jay, Oklahoma, USA, Solus Cannabis Dispensary is one of the popular medical cannabis dispensaries. It mainly focuses on fulfilling the needs of medical cannabis patients and doesn’t specialize in selling cannabis for recreational purposes. 

If you are looking for a medical cannabis dispensary in Oklahoma, you might want to set your GPS for this location at 2115 S Main St 74346. 

In addition to its nice products and services, Solus Cannabis Dispensary also offers a variety of resources and educational materials to help patients better understand the benefits of medical cannabis

Solus Product Line

Solus Dispensary has become a reputed medical cannabis dispensary owing to its wide array of cannabis product categories. Here is the list mentioned below:


These are dried and cured cannabis buds that are most commonly used for smoking. In this Oklahama-based dispensary, you will find a variety of strains ranging from Sativa, indica, and hybrid, which have unique effects, aromas, and flavors, allowing medical consumers to choose from a variety to suit their needs and preferences.


These are instant smoke joints that have been pre-rolled. One of the main reasons for their popularity is their convenient usage, especially for those medical cannabis patients who are trying it for the first time. Solus Cannabis Dispensary has a range of pre-rolls that will suit all kinds of user needs.


These are devices that heat cannabis concentrates, oils, or flowers to create an inhalable vapor experience that is significantly safer and healthier when compared to smoking cannabis. This medical cannabis dispensary sells a variety of vaporizers, including portable versions, in different varieties of cartridges and pods.


Solus Cannabis Dispensary offers all sorts of concentrates, including wax, shatter, budder, and CBD oil, which are quite popular among medical cannabis consumers. Their usage also varies, from vaping and dabbing to adding them to food or beverages.


These are cannabis-infused food products. They provide a discreet method of cannabis consumption and are a fantastic alternative for people who abstain from smoking. At Solus Cannabis Medical Dispensary, you will find a variety of edibles, candies, chocolates, cookies, and more, each with its own distinct flavor and potency.


These are liquid cannabis extracts that are administered orally, generally beneath the tongue. They provide a quick and unobtrusive way to consume cannabis and are a fantastic choice for people who do not want to smoke or eat edibles. Solus Cannabis Dispensary has a variety of tinctures available, including THC, CBD, and hybrid alternatives, each with its own potency and effects.


These are cannabis-blended lotions, balms, and salves administered to the skin to offer localized pain relief, inflammation relief, and other symptom alleviation. They provide a non-psychoactive method of cannabis use and are a fantastic choice for those who choose not to drink or smoke cannabis. Solus Cannabis Dispensary provides a selection of topicals, each with its own formulation and strength.


These are highly concentrated forms of cannabis created by a variety of extraction processes such as CO2, BHO, and others. They provide a concentrated and pure version of THC or CBD and are commonly used for vaping, dabbing, or adding to food or beverages. Solus Cannabis Dispensary provides a variety of extracts, such as live resin, rosin, and others, each with its own set of qualities and effects.


Pipes, bongs, grinders, papers, and other products used in conjunction with cannabis usage are examples of accessories. Solus Cannabis Dispensary provides a variety of accessories, all of which are intended to improve the cannabis-consuming experience and make it more fun and easy for patients.


Solus Cannabis Dispensary looks to be a well-appreciated and well-loved dispensary among its consumers. Owing to their plethora of positive reviews from many consumers, especially regarding their quality cannabis products, and affordable pricing.

While the majority of the reviews are excellent, one consumer expressed dissatisfaction with the store. It is critical to remember that everyone’s experience will differ, and it is impossible to please everyone. 

However, according to consumer reviews, this dispensary in Oklahoma is a good alternative for people searching for quality cannabis items at reasonable prices.