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1719 Pacific Coast Hwy Lomita, California US 90717

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South Bay Canna Clinic has been around since 2013 and has a fairly well-established reputation in Los Angeles. The dispensary sells cannabis to both medical and recreational users, making it a good choice for people with licences. You need to be 21 years and older or have a valid medical marijuana card valid in Los Angeles. 

At one point, they were forced to shut doors due to local government regulations. They only opened the shutters again after weed was legalized in the state. Since weed became legal, South Bay Canna Clinic has spread its influence. The dispensary services across several suburbs in Los Angeles like Long Beach, Carson, Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes, Lomita, and more. 

Location: The dispensary is located at 1719 Pacific Coasts Hwy, Lomita, CA. It is easily accessible from most locations in Los Angeles. Their website provides detailed instructions on how to reach their store from different locations like Wilmington, Torrance, Harbor City, Redondo Beach, and more. 

Operating Hours: The dispensary is open from Monday to Sunday from 9 AM to 10 PM. People can pick the products up on their way back from work and they don’t need to worry about leaving work early. 

Ordering system

You can order your weed online and pick up. The facility is on their website and even on third-party apps. There’s no mention of delivery on their website or on their profiles on third-party websites. Once you place an order, you can go to the store directly and pick the items up. The dispensary in California also offers curbside delivery. 

They will hold your order for the same day but will put it back in stock if you don’t pick it up in time. Contact the store directly if you’ll be a late for pick-up.

This store accepts debit and credit card payment, and there’s an ATM on site if you need to withdraw cash. All taxes are included in the pricing so you know how much you need to pay immediately. To purchase recreational products, you need to have valid ID and proof of age. 

To buy medical marijuana, you need a medical marijuana licence and a valid prescription. The budtenders at the store will help you apply if you don’t already have the licence. 

Special offers

South Bay Canna Clinic has several interesting offers on their products. These discounts can’t be stacked so you need to choose which ones you like. They also have daily deals so you can get some benefits based on when you visit the store.

  • First-time users get 15% off on all cannabis products. 
  • On Monday, users can enjoy around 10% off on edibles. 
  • On Tuesdays, you get a 10% discount on cartridges and vapes. 
  • There are three discounts on Wednesdays, including 15% off on capsules, cannabis tinctures, and topicals. You get 15% off on waxes as well. 
  • You will get 15% off on the 1/8ths of different popular brands on Thursday. 
  • One Friday, you get 15% off on Juice Program and Canna Clinic products.
  • Saturday is Shatterday with 15% off on wax and pre-rolls.
  • Sunday offers 15% off on ½ ounce purchases. 15% off on 4 edibles, or 4 cartridges, or 5 pre-rolls.

These offers can’t be stacked or combined. But the menu is dynamic so you may get better discounts later.


South Bay Canna Clinic has a decent stock of brands. You will find some of the most popular names in the list below:

  • 710 Labs
  • Big Boy Dro
  • CAM
  • Cann
  • Cannabiotix
  • ABX or Absolute Extracts
  • Claybourne Co
  • Clade9
  • Dabwoods
  • Emerald Sky
  • Green Dragon
  • Happy Fruit
  • Jeeter
  • Heavy Hitters
  • KushCompany
  • Raw Garden
  • True Classic
  • WYLD
  • Wear Coast Treez

You can easily find a known or loved brand in their inventory. 

Best selling products

1. Chem Dawg – Flower

The Chem Dawg flower is produced by Claybourne Co. It is a private stock flower that combines OG Kush and Sour Diesel. This flower is very popular with experienced users with high tolerance. It has a strong, heavy-bodied feeling. 

2. Camino Sours – Blackberry Dream – Sleep Gummies 

These Indica-dominant gummies have 10mg of THC each and 100mg in total. The aroma of Blackberries is very soothing and that combines with Indica’s natural relaxing properties. 

3. Dosi Mintz – Curated Live Resin

This is a hybrid concentrate that has a sweet, pine-like flavor. It will help you feel uplifted and energized. As the strain is a hybrid, you will also feel very relaxed at the same time. The product is from STIIIZY, which is a well-loved brand among cannabis users.