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Star Buds Recreational Marijuana Dispensary – North Denver

More Information

Star Buds Dispensary is a cannabis store located in the United States, with various locations in different states. You can find an outlet of Star Buds Dispensary in Baltimore, Colorado, Illinois, Jamaica, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Missouri. 

  • Operating hours: The Star Buds Dispensary opens at 9 in the morning, and you can make your final purchase at 9 in the night. The timings are kept the same for all seven days of the week to avoid any confusion among the customers.
  • Ordering System:  There are various ordering systems in this dispensary, and you can decide to visit the store and get your cannabis refill.

To place an order for pickup, you can call the Star Buds Dispensary in your area and get your order ready within 30 minutes. Additionally, there are no minimum order limits for this service, and you can pay using a card or cash as per your preferences. In case you want to order online and get a home delivery, visit the dispensary website at –

Deals and offers

The Star Buds Dispensary in the US has weekly as well as occasional deals and offers for its customers, and with these offers, you can make budget-friendly cannabis purchases from this dispensary. Here are some offers that you can get here:

  1. You can avail yourself of the benefits of loyalty programs and get one reward point for every dollar spent in this dispensary. They also offer you 60 points when you join the program, and these are the discounts you can get at certain reward point collection – 
  • 100 points – $5 OFF
  • 200 points – $10 OFF
  • 500 points – $50 OFF
  • 1000 points – $100 OFF
  • 2000 points – $250 OFF
  • 250000 points – Tesla Model 3
  1. On the Big Saving Sundays, you get $200 ounces of value flower
  2. Monday gives you a 10% off on edibles, topicals, and RSO in recreational marijuana. For Medical marijuana buyers, the discount is 20%.
  3. Special Shelf Tuesdays give 10% OFF on special flowers to recreational buyers and 20% off to medical buyers.
  4. Veterans and military buyers get 22% OFF on Wax Wednesdays.
  5. On Thursdays, House Pre-rolled joints are sold at 50% OFF to all customers.
  6. Flameless Fridays give 20% off on all vape cartridges to medical buyers and 10% off to recreational buyers.
  7. Special Shelf Saturdays give 10% OFF on the special shelf to recreational buyers and 20% OFF on the same to medical buyers.
  8. On all days of the week, you get a 30% OFF on red tag items.

These offers and deals can be exclusive to some store locations of Star Buds Dispensary. So, make sure to ask if these offers are available at the dispensary from where you are buying cannabis products.


The Star Buds Dispensary is known to have a wide range of cannabis products, and you can find things like flowers, cannabis tinctures, concentrates, edibles, vapes, and more.

The brands available at the Star Buds Dispensary are for all its customers. You can find brands that are premium and offer a memorable experience, along with brands that are for regular buyers. Here is a list of some well-known brands that you can find in the stash of this dispensary:

  • Curio Wellness
  • Airo Brands
  • SunMed Growers
  • Beboe
  • Puffco
  • District Cannabis
  • Matter
  • Roll one
  • Kind Tree Cannabis
  • Kings & Queens
  • Alchemist
  • MPX Melting Point Extracts
  • SunMed Labs
  • Camino
  • Betty’s Eddies
  • Encore Wellness
  • Dixie Brands
  • Verano
  • Beezle Extracts
  • O.pen
  • InHouse
  • Kaviar
  • Star Buds 
  • Avexia
  • Hachette
  • Luv Brands
  • MouthPeace
  • BaKed

This list of brands includes names that sell products at a price range of less than $10 and also names that offer cannabis experiences in the form of products priced above $250.

The Star Buds Dispensary has several popular and verified brand products on its shelves that are staff-recommended and must-try. Let us bring some of these premium products to the forefront to make it easier for you to buy the best items from this cannabis store.

O.Pen | Distillate Vape Cartridge | Green Crack | 500mg

It is a vape cartridge from the verified brand O.pen, and it has a Sativa strain with 81.8% THC and 0.0% CBD content. You can buy it for $25 per unit from the official site of the Star Buds Dispensary. It has energizing and uplifting effects with a tart citrus flavor profile. The dominant terpenes are Beta-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Terpinolene. You may positively feel energetic, talkative, and focused, while its adverse effects include feelings of paranoia, anxiety, and dry eyes.

Value | Deep Line Alchemy | District Cannabis | 3.5g

The Dispensary also has this cannabis flower from District Flower that has 23.6% THC and 0.0% CBD content. You can buy the smallest unit of this product, i.e., ⅛ ounces, for $35, and the biggest one, i.e., 1 ounce, for $225. It will positively make you feel hungry, talkative, and creative but can also deliver negative effects like dizziness, dry mouth, and dry eyes.

You can find several more exclusive brand products on the shelves of Star Buds Dispensary. To learn about them and benefit from the dispensary deals and offers, visit their site or the store located near you.

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