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69905 E 15th Rd in Quapaw, Oklahoma

More Information

Stateline X One dispensary is a cannabis store in Oklahoma. It is located at 69905 E 15th Rd in Quapaw, Oklahoma. 


This dispensary in Oklahoma is open from 10 AM to 9 PM on Mondays through Thursdays. On Fridays, the store opens at the same time but closes only at 11 PM. 

On Saturdays, the store opens at 9 AM and is then open till 11 PM as well. 

Sundays see the store open by 11 AM and close by 6 in the evening.

Stateline X One dispensary is also located right across the “Stateline” from Missouri, giving it this name. The location of the store makes it ideal for the 4 states around it, which all have the licensing requirements for Oklahoma dispensary purchases. The store is in the woods, which gives all the consumers a feeling of serenity and peace when they enter the store to make their purchase. 

Offers and deals

The Stateline X One dispensary has a large variety of deals on offer. Let’s take a look at some of them. 

  • They have a happy hour offer that is available daily; from 11 AM to 2 PM. 
  • Another offer that they offer every day is $15 resins, carts,edibles, moonrocks, or infused pre rolls. All for $110 for 10 pieces.
  • If a new customer walks in, they get an offer of 10% off their purchase plus a penny pre roll or a 50 milligram chocolate. 
  • If it is your birthday, you get a free birthday pre roll.
  • There is a strain of the week that is revealed on Sundays. There is an offer of 15% off of the strain of the week.

When it comes to their daily deals, those are the deals that take place based on the days of the week. 

  • First up we have Monday or Munchie Monday, as it is called.
  • Munchie Monday offers customers the chance to get two edibles and get one extra at 50% off.
  • Tax Break Tuesday means that each purchase gets 10% off of it.
  • Wacky Wednesday means that on purchases above $250, a free t-shirt or a wheel spin is offered. Additionally, there is a 15% offer on all kinds of accessories.
  • On Thank You Thursdays, a purchase of $50 or more means a free pre roll or 50 mg of chocolate.
  • Flower Fridays means that there is an offer of 15% off of any flowers, except the ones that are tiers Silver, Bronze, or Value.
  • On Saturday, all purchases were 10% off.
  • Finally, on Sundays, which is called Spinner Sunday, a purchase of $150 or more gives the customer a free spin of the wheel.


Coming to the store’s products, they offer different kinds of concentrates, edibles, flowers, vape pens, and topicals. 

The brands that they have in stock are 1906 New Highs, Airo Brands, Ascent Cannabis And Honey Creek Labs, Bee Elevated, Cookies, Evok Cannabis, Kiva Confections, Kosmik Brands, Raw Garden and Royal Blunts. 

The prices of the products range from under $25 to more than $200. The weights of the products range from ½ of an ounce to 56 grams.

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of their highly valued products. First up, we have flowers.


The Alien Sour Apple strain is one of the dispensary’s best selling flowers. The strain is created by forming a cross between the strains Sour Apple and the Alien Dawg. It gives the user a feeling of euphoria, which gives them an uplifting feeling as well. As the high builds, a relaxing and sedated feeling comes through, while also giving the user a few bursts of creativity. It hits quite fast, having the combined effects of both indica and sativa strains. The strain contains about 20 to 28 percent THC. It is good for stress relief and anxiety issues. The cost of one gram of this strain is $3.54.

Next up is the Cherrywanna, which is sweet and yet quite musky. As the name suggests, the flavor is quite fruity and is fueled mainly by a strong diesel flavor. It is quite potent and contains a large amount of myrcene, which is a terpene. The high that it creates gives the user a feeling of happiness and euphoria, while also providing the user with a relaxing feeling. It is ideal for treating pain, anxiety, and stress.

Next up are the different kinds of concentrates that the dispensary offers.


First up is the Tribe All Gas OG- Live Bubble Hash by Exotics. This strain, which is known simply as “Asphalt Plant” or “Gas”, is formed by creating a genetic cross between Humboldt OG and Venom OG. Once again, it is dominated by high levels of myrcene, making it the strongest terpene present in the strain. Its flavor profile is earthy and pungent, while also having decently strong hits of diesel along with it. The strain contains 21% THC, which makes it a good option for customers that are beginners, while also being easy to use for the consumers that have more experience. It gives the users a feeling of relaxed and sleepy hunger. Each gram costs $22.15.

The Mellow Gold Runtz Live Rosin 0.5g by Alterra Wellness is next up on the list. The Runtz strain is made by crossing the strain Gelato with Zkittlez, which gives it a strong fruity presence. It produces a high that gives the user a real uplifting and euphoric effect, along with a strong, creamy smoke. The aroma that the strain gives off is similar to sugary candy, which attracts a lot of users to it. One piece of this item costs about $15.07.

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