Sun Valley Caregivers Dispensary

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11000 Randall St #E, Sun Valley

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According to Sun Valley Caregivers Dispensary, they are the first legal cannabis dispensary. It has been around since 2006 and has been a trusted part of the Los Angeles cannabis community. They serve both medical and recreational marijuana users. 

The dispensary is easy to access, even for people with mobility issues and wheelchair users. There’s parking available near the store. They also mention that their prices include taxes so it is easy to know what your final cart value will be. 

Locations: Sun Valley Caregivers Dispensary has several branches. There are branches in Los Angeles, San Fernando, Tujunga, Burbank, and Crestcenta Highlands.

The Los Angeles dispensary is located at 11000 Randall St #E, Sun Valley. 

Operating hours: This dispensary in Los Angeles is open Monday to Sunday from 9 AM to 9.45 PM. The timings make it easier for people to pick their order up after they are done with work and are on their way home. 

Ordering system

You can place an order online or call the dispensary closest to you. Once you place the order, the product is packed and set aside by the staff in-house. You need to pick the product up within a stipulated time as some products can’t be held for too long. 

If you don’t pick the product up by the required time, the staff will put it back in stock. You may need to go through the purchase process once again if you miss the pick-up time. 

First-time users should consider visiting the store directly instead of placing an order online. The store provides a safe and helpful environment to users. The staff will provide some advice on marijuana strains and products.

Special offers

This dispensary in Los Angeles offers a few offers to different customers. Some of their deals include:

  • People who have served in the military can get 10% off. 
  • First-time users get 15% off.
  • High-spenders of over $1,000 can get 15% off as well. 

Sun Valley Caregivers Dispensary also offers daily specials. These offers are applicable on specific day/product combinations. The offers are:

  • Monday – 10% off on Flower/Pre-Roll
  • Tuesday – 10% off on Cartridge/Edible
  • Wednesday – 10% off on Sauce
  • Thursday – 10% off on Flower/Pre-Roll
  • Friday – 10% off on Cartridges/CBD
  • Saturday – 10% off on Flower/Pre-Roll
  • Sunday – 10% off on Sauce

Sun Valley Caregivers Dispensary offers pretty solid deals to almost every customer who walks in through the door. 


This dispensary in Los Angeles maintains a good collection of brands and products. Some of the brands familiar to you will be on the shelves, including:

  • Alien Labs
  • Bear Labs 
  • Allswell
  • Cann
  • Big Pete’s Treats
  • CBX Cannabiotics
  • Stiiizi
  • Papa’s Select
  • Connected Cannabis Co.
  • THC Design
  • Seed Junky Genetics
  • Kushy Punch
  • Kanha

Most experienced marijuana users trust these brands and gravitate toward their products. As Sun Valley Caregivers Dispensary has a dynamic menu, they may add or remove some brands from their inventory. 

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Best selling products

Sun Valley Caregivers has most of the products patients and marijuana users need. Their top-selling products include:

1. KushCo’s Kushieland

This product offers a fairly sweet and relaxing smoking experience. It is a hybrid strain with around 30% THC, offering the benefits of both Indica and Sativa

2. Pacific Stone Wedding Cake Indica Pre-Rolls

Many users report that this pre-roll helps them feel relaxed and uplifted. It is popular among people experiencing anxiety. The THC levels are upwards of 24%.

3. Birthday Cake Premium THC Pod

This pod’s nutty and earthy taste makes it popular among vapers. It is Indica-dominant, which means you end up feeling uplifted and relaxed at the same time. 

4. Rove Tangie Cartridge

This one packs a punch at 85% THC and delivers a smooth experience according to most users. It is a Sativa-dominant vape juice so you can expect some energizing effect. 

5. Camino Wild Cherry Excite Gummies

This product has around 20 gummies with 100mg of THC in total. The tart and fruity flavor makes it popular among people who want to avoid the bitterness associated with weed. Sun Valley Caregivers Dispensary also has some gear, topicals, and concentrates in their stores.

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