Superfarm Dispensary

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410 Realtor Ave, Texarkana, Arkansas

About Superfarm Dispensary

Superfarm Dispensary is a medical marijuana dispensary that doesn’t sell any adult-use or recreational weed. You will need a valid medical ID to purchase anything from this store. Minor patients can purchase weed as long as they have an ID and have a caretaker who is more than 21 years old. 

This dispensary in Arkansas cultivates the plants themselves and have tried producing in different states to find the ideal environment. They started off in Colorado and are now producing in Arkansas. 

The dispensary has a pharmacist on duty to help new patients get the right prescription. The staff can also help you get a valid Medical Marijuana Identification Card.

Location: Superfarm dispensary is located at 410 Realtor Ave, Texarkana, Arkansas. It doesn’t have any other branch in the state or anywhere in the country. 

Operating Hours: This dispensary in Arkansas is open from Monday to Sunday. From Monday to Saturday, the dispensary is open from 10 AM to 8 PM. On Sunday, the dispensary is open from 10 AM to 6 PM. 

Ordering system

You can all this dispensary in Arkansas to place an order or order online through their website. In both cases, you will need to pick the order up from the store on the same day as placing the order. For example, if you place an order on Monday, you need to pick it up before 8 PM on Monday. 

The clinic doesn’t accept any orders after 6.30 PM. 

If you don’t pick up the order on time, it will be placed back on the shelf and someone else may buy it. There’s no mention of delivery on their website or any third-party website. From what we can see, they only permit store pick-up or curbside pick-up. 

Special offers

The Superfarm Dispensary offers some attractive discounts to both first-time and regular users. You can buy premium-quality weed at affordable prices with these discounts. 

1. First-time customers

  • First-time customers who have served in the military and have a valid ID can get 22% off.
  • Compassionate Care discount for terminally ill patients is at 20%.
  • Individuals who work in the cannabis industry can get 20% off with valid proof of employment.
  • Seniors over 65 years old with a valid ID can get 10% off on their purchases.
  • New patients get 10% off on their first visit and 15% off on their second visit.

2. Regular customers

  • Regular customers who are over 65 years old get 10% off. 
  • Veterans with a valid military ID can get 22% off. 
  • Regular customers from the cannabis industry get 15% off if they provide proof of employment. 

The discounts can change without notice so visit the dispensary’s website before you go in for a purchase.


Superfarm dispensary has a good selection of brands in their store. You can find weed you like at an affordable price or look for an alternative within the store itself. Some of the brands are local and invest in strong cultivation techniques to produce quality products. 

  • Bloom Medicinals
  • BOLD 
  • Carpenter Farms 
  • Boundless 
  • Cookies
  • Good Day Farm
  • High Speed Extracts
  • Lark 
  • LuvBuds
  • Leafology
  • Revolution
  • Super Farm 
  • SOSO
  • Tank 
  • The Clear
  • Smokiez
  • River Valley Relief 
  • Natural State Medicinals
  • Wynk
  • Wana 
  • Yocan 
  • Swamp Grass
  • Revolution
  • Osage Creek Cultivation
  • Mink & Kimball

Their store is powered by dutchie and the familiar UI makes it easier to find products you may like. 

Best selling products

The store has more than 300 products in stock. You can find something that suits your requirements easily. Some of the most popular weed products include:

1. GDF Flower – Carbon Candy

This hybrid flower has 25.7% THC and 0.04% CBD, providing a very balanced high. The THC has an uplifting effect while the CBD provides some calmness and relaxation. 

2. GDF – GO Pen Vape – Peach Tea 

This peach-flavored vape pen from Good Day Farm is a very popular product. It has 89% THC and a soothing peach flavor that offers an overall good experience.

3. Bold Chocolate – Caramel Pretzel 

This bar of chocolate has a caramel pretzel flavor and a whopping 95% THC. It will provide a wonderful high that will keep you relaxed and energized for more than 5 hours. The product is from BOLD and has a 100 mg dosage.  

This dispensary in Arkansas also has a decent selection of tinctures, concentrates, edibles, flowers, and pre-rolls for you to enjoy. 

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