Swisher House Dispensary

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Swisher House Dispensary is located at 39 S Mill St Pryor, Oklahoma US 74361-3619. They provide you with a premium line of cannabis products, from vape pens to topicals. They have been providing only high-quality cannabis products for years without all the markups that some places charge. 

About Swisher House Dispensary

They have a family-owned and operated commercial indoor grow and a retail dispensary. You know they are quite popular when you see that they have a rating of 4.8 stars. They will be open MONDAY TO SATURDAY, 10 AM-8 PM. 

Swisher House Dispensary chooses the products they sell with special care and great attention is given to its ingredients and production methods. Their products are infused with potent, best-quality, THC and terpenes. 

Product Categories and Price Ranges

They have various categories of products, like : 

  • Smoking accessories
  • Vape pens
  • Edibles
  • Concentrates
  • Flower
  • Tropicals

The price ranges from under $20 to over $200.


In the cannabis industry, there are multiple brands. The dispensary has a vast experience in the cannabis industry, Therefore, the brands they sell at the dispensary are top-class, premium licensed brands. 

Products for Sale

They offer a variety of products at Swisher House Dispensary. You will have a hard time choosing what to buy. You will feel like a child at a chocolate shop. Their featured products include: 

  • Swisher House Flower Animal 1 
  • Dime Disposable Cartridge Peach Kush 
  • 1G disposable Hawaiian Haze
  • Bold Infused Pre-roll Bold Special Hybrid

Explore a variety of cannabis flowers and edibles at Swisher House Dispensary:

Cannabis flowers are available in a variety of strains and variations, each with its own distinct flavor, scent, and effects. They offer pre-rolled joints for individuals who wish to explore different strains without having to roll their own. They offer all kinds of edibles for individuals who enjoy chocolates, candies, brownies, and other delicacies. 

The expert team : 

The team at Swisher House Dispensary is very much experienced and skilled in the cannabis market. They have been in the cannabis industry for quite a few years now. They’ve got an exceptional team, which is among the sole reasons for their success in this market. 

For the ease of purchasing for the customers, there has to be an amazing staff as the backbone of the dispensary. They are informed and polite. They are always there to solve your queries 

Offers and discounts:

At Swisher House Dispensary, you get loads of offers and discounts: 

  • For first-time patients – 15% off on the first purchase or you get a penny preroll.
  • Veterans always get 10% off.

They have “HAPPY HOURS” daily. You get 10% off from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM. There are also Monthly giveaways for customers. They have “Customer appreciation rewards”. You can visit the store for more details on this one.

Amenities provided at Swisher House Dispensary:

  • They have a strict minimum age policy.
  • They have an ATM that makes it easier for the customers visiting the store to pay them in cash if they do not have any money on them.
  • They have a curbside pickup.
  • They have good security for their dispensary.
  • They also have medicals.

Convenient and secure online shopping

They feature an online store where you can explore and buy their items in the convenience of your home in addition to their physical dispensary. The online store is easy to navigate, and they offer secure shipping for your convenience.

Legal Status of Products at Swisher House Dispensary : 

It is completely legal to buy products from Swisher House Dispensary. They are a licensed establishment, and they’re state licensed. The medical retail number is DAAA-YO1Z-X1TD. The products that they sell also come from licensed brands.

These brands are in compliance with federal and local laws. The Delta 9 THC levels in these products are below 0.3%. Therefore, you can be carefree and buy whatever products you like from Swisher House Dispensary!