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114A Otto Cir Ste A, Sacramento, CA 95822, United States

The Symbiotic Sacramento dispensary in California has a wide range of cannabis products. You can get both recreational and medical cannabis items here, and to visit this dispensary, reach 114A Otto Cir Ste A, Sacramento, CA 95822, United States.

  • Operating hours: Symbiotic Sacramento opens at 8 in the morning, and its doors are closed at 9 at night. For pickup and delivery options, the ordering hours are the same for all days of the week.
  • Ordering System: There are three ways to get cannabis from Symbiotic Sacramento. You can visit the store to buy your cannabis by talking to the staff and getting whatever you need. In case you are running out of time, you can directly call the dispensary at +7-916-393-1820 and place your order for storefront pickup. They take 30 minutes to prepare your order for pickup. They also deliver your orders at home. So you can place an order online at

Deals and offers

The Symbiotic Sacramento dispensary in California has multiple deals and offers for its customers, along with a wide range of products. Let us have a look at some of the best daily, weekly, and occasional deals that you can find in this dispensary:

  1. Flash Sale of 50% off all clones.
  2. Get 25% OFF on the Binske 3.5g Flowers
  3. 20% OFF on the Champelli 3.5g Flower with 28.60% THC.
  4. Get 25% OFF on the SERGE Cannabis Brainbow 3.5 g Flower.
  5. 25% OFF on the Smoker’s Club 3.5g Flower with 30% THC.
  6. 30% OFF on Artisan 1g Live Resin infused blunts.
  7. 25% OFF on 710 Labs 1g Water Hash (90U) with 71.96% THC.
  8. Get Buy one get one on Alien Labs products.
  9. Buy 2 8ths from Dime Bag and get a cherry haze for a penny.
  10. Buy 2 Raw Garden Rosin from Heritage and get a gram of Phamous Amos for a penny.
  11. Buy 2 Clones and get 2 packs of Pineapple seeds for a penny.

Most of these offers are subject to stock availability, and therefore, you may or may not get it in time. Make sure to ask if these offers are still available when you are making your purchase from the Symbiotic Sacramento dispensary in California.


Symbiotic Sacramento holds a diverse range of cannabis items for its customers. You can find products ranging from cannabis tinctures to concentrate and flowers to vapes.

On the shelves of Symbiotic Sacramento dispensary, there are many brands available, and you can get a product as per your budget. There is diversity in product names, and let us have a look at some of the brands here:

  1. Rimrock
  2. Eighth Brother
  3. Super dope
  4. Dubz garden
  5. Zatix
  6. Sog Army
  7. KUDA
  8. Serge Cannabis
  9. Cali-X
  10. Floracy
  11. Heritage hash co.
  12. House weed
  13. Sluggers
  14. Jetpacks
  15. Talking trees
  16. Artisan
  17. Care by design
  18. Cold fire
  19. Cannabiotix
  20. Tasumo snacks
  21. Breeze
  22. Mary’s medicinals

These are some names with a high and low budget range. You can find both budget-oriented and experience-oriented brands here. Some of the premium items will cost you as high as $250, and some other products will cost you $10 only.

Let us now have a look at some of the most popular and best-selling items on the shelves of Symbiotic Sacramento.

1G FSO 1:1 spectrum cannabis oil extract

This is a cannabis product from Floracy, and it contains 376 mg THC and 369 mg CBD. It has accurate dosing technology making sure that users do not get inaccurate dosages. Ensure that you consume it sublingually to experience faster absorption. You will have to pay $22.50 to get this item from this dispensary.

 Rainbow OG 1G Infused Pre-Roll

It is a cannabis pre-roll from Jetpacks, and you can get it for $10 per unit from Symbiotic Sacramento dispensary. It contains 373.1 mg of THC and has an Indica strain. This pre-roll has high-quality cannabis oils, terpenes, and THCA extracts. While smoking it, you will get a taste of blueberry, dancehall, and OG Kush. The aftertaste feels like hints of tropical pineapple, and it gives you a calming effect.

Royal Mint

The 10-piece mints from Breeze are available here for $15, and it contains 100 mg THC and Indica strain. These are known for being high-quality cannabis, and it gives you a 10 mg concentrated cannabis dose. It is made with full-spectrum cannabis oil and dominant indica terpenes that can bend your mind and body. 

These are some of the good quality and best-selling items that you can find at the Symbiotic Sacramento dispensary. There are many other brands, products, and offers that you find at this dispensary. This dispensary may provide you with what you need in your cannabis.

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