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THC Detroit

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19533 W. Warren Ave Detroit, Michigan US 48228

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THC Detroit or Tango Healthy Cannabis is a medical and recreational cannabis dispensary. The dispensary is open and wheelchair accessible with free parking space on both sides of the building. They provide legal and quality cannabis products to users in the city from certified local and national producers. 

THC Detroit only houses licensed and state-certified weed on its shelves. You can see different strains and ask the in-house budtenders about the options that are most suitable for your needs. 

There’s even a kiosk with a touchscreen for you to place an order comfortably without even meeting the staff. That’s a good option for experienced users who know what they want. THC Detroit also accepts medical marijuana cards from out-of-state users. 

Location: THC Detroit is very accessible and can be found at 19533 W Warren Ave, Detroit. It is just off the Southfield Freeway and you can reach there by taking the Warren exit approaching Evergreen Road.

Operating Hours: This dispensary in Michigan is open every day from Monday to Sunday. It is open from 9 AM to 10 PM, making it convenient for people who want to pick up their weed after work. 

Ordering System

The ordering system is straightforward. You can buy weed online and then pick up the product from the storefront directly. There’s curbside pick-up available so you don’t need to enter the store directly. They don’t mention delivery on their website or any of their profiles. You may not be able to get the weed delivered to your doorstep. 

Like most cannabis dispensaries, THC Detroit holds onto your order during the same day based on when you order. If you don’t pick the order up within the stipulated time, they’ll place it back out for sale. You will need to purchase the product again and it may not be in stock at that time. 

Special offers

There is no mention of special offers on their profiles but you can contact the store directly to know if they have any daily deals. Most cannabis dispensaries offer some discount or have loyalty programs. 


THC has brands popular among both recreational and medical consumers in Detroit. The brands include:

  • Backpack Boys
  • AUXO
  • Biscotti
  • CALI
  • Barracuda Bar
  • Cannalicious Labs 
  • Chewii
  • CHIEF 
  • Choice Labs
  • Church Cannabis
  • Common Citizen
  • Dazed Extracts
  • Dixie Edibles
  • Dream 
  • Cookies
  • Emerald Mountain
  • Empire
  • Fractal Infused
  • Harvest
  • Hyman

They have a fairly long list of brands to choose from. This dispensary in Michigan also has a dynamic menu so you can expect new brands to be added in the future. 

Best selling products

1. Monster 1g Cart – Tropical Trainwreck

This extract is fairly popular because of the comfortable THC level. Even leisurely users can consume this product without being too overwhelmed. It has 20% THC and an appealing tropical flavor. Reviewers say this strain helps them feel relaxed and creative.

2. Med: Peach Crescendo 

This strain from LIV has 24.1% THC, offering a relaxed and comfortable experience. Users report feeling tingly, aroused, and energized when they consume this strain. The peach flavor is also a hit among users. 

3. AU Choice – Sour Watermelon Kush

AU Choice Sour Watermelon Kush is a fairly popular edible. You get around 100 grams of gummies in a fun watermelon flavor. There is no mention of the THC value in the website but you can check the product itself to see whether the THC percentage is sufficient.

THC Detroit also sells accessories like vape pens, cartridges, bongs, and other weed products.