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The Amherstburg Cannabis Company

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268 Sandwich St S. Amherstburg, ON CA N9V 2A6

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The Amherstburg Cannabis Company

The Amherstburg Cannabis Company

268 Sandwich Street South, Amherstburg, ON N9V 2A6

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The Amherstburg Cannabis Company is a popular cannabis dispensary in Amherstburg, Ontario. The dispensary stocks a number of recreational cannabis products, including flowers, tinctures, edibles, and much more. Here is everything you need to know about this dispensary in Ontario.

Location: You can visit the Amherstburg Cannabis Company at 268 Sandwich Street South, Amherstburg, ON N9V 2A6.

Operating hours: The store is open seven days a week; however, operating hours may differ. The dispensary is open between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. from Monday to Wednesday and 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. from Thursday to Saturday. On Sundays, the store operates between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Ordering options

Amherstburg Cannabis Company has multiple ordering options to suit your needs.

  • Store orders: Visit the storefront and browse the vast selection of cannabis products. The store accepts cash and card payments for all purchases. You also have an on-site ATM for added convenience.
  • Curbside pickups: Online orders can be opted for curbside pickups. Simply select your preferred time and pick up your orders without long waiting lines.
  • Home delivery: By far the most preferred option for most buyers. Head on to the official website and place your online orders. However, do check if your delivery location is serviced by the dispensary.

You can also call +1 519-736-0420 for more details on ordering options and stock availability.

Deals and discounts

Avail discounts and reward points with every purchase at Amherstburg Cannabis Company. Although there are plenty of seasonal offers to avail of, here are a few regular deals you can check out.

  • First-time customers: Get a flat discount on your total bill.
  • Customer appreciation program: Earn reward points with every dollar spent at this dispensary. These reward points can be redeemed for discounts or other exciting offers. Users must sign up with the dispensary and be over 19 years old to be eligible for the appreciation program.

The dispensary also has a price match guarantee, which helps you to get the best price every time you shop at this dispensary.

Featured brands

Amherstburg Cannabis Company stocks recreational cannabis products from top manufacturers in Canada and the US. This ensures purity and potency with each product. Do note that this dispensary in Ontario only sells recreational products and not medical marijuana.

Here are a few popular brands that you can expect to find in stock:

  • 1964
  • 3 Saints
  • Argentina Gold
  • CALI
  • CBD Vault
  • Burb
  • Cake & Caviar
  • Camino
  • Cannmart
  • CanWe
  • Fly North
  • Ghost Drops
  • WYLD
  • The Loud Plug
  • Ripple
  • RIFF
  • Rebound by Stewart Farms
  • Papa’s Herb
  • JC Green Cannabis
  • Humboldt Seed Company
  • Halcyon and much more.


Here are a few must-try products from Amherstburg Cannabis Company.

Root Beer by Bubble Kush

An extremely well-liked fizzy beverage infused with the goodness of cannabis, this root beer from Bubble Kush contains 10 mg of THC per can. This makes it a discreet way of getting your daily dose of THC in a rush. Best served chilled, this fizzy drink is a must try at this dispensary. Buy a can of Root Beer for $6.95.

Pink Lemonde Gummies by Spinach SOURZ

These fun gummies from Spinach SOURZ pack a high THC dose with every bite. Savor the sweet raspberry and lemony flavors and enjoy a discreet way of consuming THC. Great for any party or social gathering, these gummies are known for their slow but potent effects. You can buy a pack of five gummies for $7.95 from this dispensary.

Blue Kiwi Cart by Ness

Experience a tropical fruity flavor with a berry like undertone with this potent vape cart. It comes with a solid 86 per cent THC with every puff, making it a great option for experienced users. The strain infused, Blue Kiwi draws its lineage from the Blue Dream and Kiwi strains that lend it potent cerebral highs and relaxing effects. This vape cart is available for $39.95 at this dispensary.

Fast Lane Flowers by Hiway

A potent sativa strain that draws its lineage from the Old Time Moonshine and Double Dutch strains, Fast Lane is known for its energetic euphoria and mental clarity. The strain has an earthy aroma and a lingering sweet aftertaste with every puff. You can buy this strain for $99.95 for 28 grams.

Penelope Softgels (10mg) by Tweed

The edibles come with the Penelope hybrid strain, which has moderate THC and CBD levels. These capsules are a great alternative to smoking, and the effects can last longer. Each capsule contains 10 mg THC and 7 mg CBD. However, note that effects might take longer to manifest, so it is important to wait for a few hours before taking more to avoid greening out. You can buy these soft gels from Amherstburg Cannabis Company at $21.95 for a pack of 15 capsules.

Amherstburg Cannabis Company has a dynamic menu and newer additions are made regularly. Buyers are encouraged to visit the official website for updated menus and get the latest deals at this dispensary.