The Clinic Dispensary

the clinic dispensary

13815 W 8 Mile Road in Detroit, Michigan

About The Clinic

The Clinic is a dispensary in Michigan. It is located at 13815 W 8 Mile Road in Detroit, Michigan.

It is the first dispensary that was opened under the clinic brand. The company has planned on adding multiple new dispensaries in Michigan to increase their roster and reach across the state of Michigan.

  • Contact information: The dispensary has an email,, which can be used by customers and/or potential customers for any questions that they may have. 
  • Operating hours: The store is open daily, and the timings on each day are the same as well. The store opens at 9 AM and closes by 9 PM daily. 
  • Ordering options: They have the option for online orders, which can either be picked up at their curbside or even delivered to the customer’s doorstep.
  • Deals and offers: They have many different deals on the ounces of products that their customers purchase. These deals can vary depending on the day or month. As of right now, they have deals for ounces between the price ranges of $45 and $175.


Coming to the different products that the Clinic Dispensary, Michigan, it is vital to know that they stack a variation of products that can range from flowers and edibles to topicals and concentrates. These products are of 20 different brands, which are-

  1. Backpack Boys
  2. Banned Edible Co.
  3. Binske
  4. Breeze Canna
  5. Cannabis PM Sleep
  6. Chill Medicated
  7. Choice Gummies
  8. Claw Cannabis
  9. Crude Boys Concentrates
  10. Drip
  11. Gelato
  12. Glorious Cannabis Company
  13. Jeeter
  14. Mac Pharms
  15. Mitten Extracts
  16. MKX Oil Co.
  17. Monster Xtracts
  18. North Coast
  19. Ooze X
  20. Petro 710 co

The price ranges for these cannabis products start from products under $25 to products that are priced in the range of $100 to $200. 


Let’s look at some of the Clinic’s best selling Cannabis flowers first.

The Spaceman 3.5 g Charlevoix 

This is one of the Clinic’s best selling flowers. The strain, Charlevoix, is made by the cross of Sophie’s Breath and Oreoz and is usually used as a more relaxing strain. The flavor profile of this flower is quite strong, with it consisting of sweet chocolate that has a spicy tinge to it along with the tastes of vanilla and sour berries being quite prominent as well. 

The strain has an uplifting effect, making the user feel relaxed and happy, while also giving them a real feeling of focus as well. This helps the user stay productive and reduce their stress.

Next up, we have different concentrates, which are sold in various varieties.


The North Coast Kush Krashers Rosin 2g 

This is the best selling concentrate in this dispensary in Arizona. This rosin is made without using any kind of solvents, it is made by using pressure, water, ice and heat. These four agents help in separating this rosin, which makes the turnover of pure terpenes from the plant much higher than if any external solvents were used. This gives the user a high quantity of power packed concentrate flavor. The cost for 2g is $75.

Moving on, we take a closer look at the different edibles that the Clinic has in store.


The Choice Chews- Super Sour Lemon Gummies 

These are among the most popular edibles that the Clinic Dispensary, Michigan has to offer. The flavor of this pack of gummies is said to cross an icy sensation with a twist of citrus. The gummies were made by simply crossing the sour part of lemonade with some indica, which gives it the icy feel. Another important thing to note about these gummies is that they are made completely from scratch and infused with high quality distillate. This makes these gummies a summer favorite in Michigan. 

The Gummies Ganja Grape 

This is another popular pack of edibles that is sold by MKX. The MKX brand is the most popular one in the state of Michigan for gummies. The gummies themselves have about 12 different flavors. Some of the flavors are Cali Lime, Blazin’ Blue Raspberry, Canna Mango, Chronic Cherry, Pineapple Express and Tangerine Dream. The gummies are available in packs of 100 mg and 200 mg. In some select stores, the brand also has gummies which have a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio. The 200 mg pack of these gummies costs $8.

Check The Clinic Dispensary, Michigan out, don’t miss out on their amazing products.

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