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621 W. Rosecrans Ave Suite #101 Gardena, California US 90248

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The Drop LA is a dispensary located in Los Angeles with a wide range of cannabis items for its cannabis enthusiasts. The exact location of this dispensary in Los Angeles is 621 Rosecrans, Ave Suite 101, Gardena, CA 90248, USA. For any queries regarding the the Drop LA Dispensary products., they can be contacted by phone at (424) 292 3940.

More information about The Drop LA

The timings are kept simple for all the customers to remember so that they do not face confusion and inconvenience. The store opens at 8 in the morning and closes at 10 in the night. You can visit the store to buy items right at 8, but when it comes to online ordering, it starts at 8:30 am. The times are the same for all the days of the week.

Drop LA is quite popular in its locality for selling authentic and quality cannabis items at competitive prices. There is a diverse range of products available from popular cannabis brands, including Backpack Boyz, Big Chief, Big Tree, 528 Cannabis Co., and more. There are various aspects about this dispensary that you must know before you make a purchase so that you know what you are running into.

Product range

A diverse range of products

The Drop LA is a popular dispensary, and an important reason for that is its wide selection of products. No matter if you are a traditional cannabis flower lover or a pre-roll person, you can get a wide variety of products here. They give you the freedom to choose from a wide range of concentrates with convenience, and they cater to your preferences without any issues.

Additionally, they have a diverse range of edibles, topicals, and tinctures to make sure that customers with different preferences in cannabis items can be delivered with the right product as per their choices.

Flowers and pre-rolls

When it comes to flowers, The Drop LA has a wide range to offer to its customers. Moreover, there is diversity in the strains and cultivars of every type of flower you can get at The Drop LA. They make sure that all the flowers they sell are carefully sourced and curated to give the customers a top-notch and diverse selection.

The ready-to-use items are also a great deal about this dispensary. You can get ready to consume pre-rolls at this dispensary, which is convenient for individuals looking for a hassle-free cannabis smoking experience.


The trend of cannabis concentrates is on high tide these days, and The Drop LA has recognized it accurately. Therefore, when it comes to concentrates, you can get a wide range of them, including products like wax, shatter, and oils. It makes it easier for the customers to find all the concentrated products in one place. Also, they ensure that all these concentrates are sourced from authentic and licensed sources to ensure great potency and flavor.

Well known brands

The menu at The Drop LA is designed carefully, and the brands included are top-notch. It has a variety of well-known popular brands as well as lesser-known artisanal brands for all types of customers. This variety at The Drop LA allows the customers to buy a product of their choice and manage their budget at the same time. Additionally, they make sure that all the products meet high-quality standards no matter how popular their brand is.

The environment at The Drop LA

Clean and well-designed layout

It is important for a cannabis dispensary to have a well-designed and clean ambiance that customers can enjoy, and this is what you find at The Drop LA. When it comes to product organization, it is neatly displayed, categorized, and labeled, making it simple for buyers to get what they want without wasting any time.

They prioritize a good shopping experience for their customers, and they do it by providing clear signage and intuitive flow contribution for products in all categories in the dispensary.

Modern ambiance

The dispensary welcomes customers with a modern and inviting atmosphere. The interior reflects a contemporary and aesthetic vibe with clean lines, well-placed lighting, and comfortable seating. The overall atmosphere makes the customer feel relaxed, and they buy products at their own place with ease.

Ordering process

Convenient online ordering and pickup

The demand for convenience is high due to the hectic schedule of everyone, and therefore, The Drop LA has an online ordering facility for delivery and pickup. You can browse their website or download the mobile application to place an order for your preferred product from their menu. The process is simple and eliminates your waiting time when you go for the pickup option. It also saves time when you order products online for home delivery.

User-friendly ordering platform

While placing an order online, there are plenty of things that the customers have to go through, but the online ordering platform of The Drop LA is user-friendly. It is very easy to use and allows the customer to browse through the menu, select their preferred items and go for delivery or pickup options. It saves every customer’s time and provides flexibility to anyone who prefers not to visit the store to make a purchase of cannabis items.

In-store shopping

Customers have the option to visit the store personally and buy the Drop LA Dispensary products from a wide range in every category. It allows the customer to have a traditional shopping experience where they can see, smell and examine the products before buying them. Additionally, the staff is there to help customers buy the best products as per the requirements of the customers. It also builds a personal touch between the dispensary staff and the customers who are regularly buying The Drop LA Dispensary products.