Located in Mesa, Arizona, The Good Dispensary is a leading cannabis establishment for both medical marijuana patients and adult-use customers. 

  • Operating Hours: The Good Dispensary operates from 8 am to 9 pm every day. Located at 1842 W. Broadway, Mesa, AZ, they are easily accessible to customers in the area. 
  • Contact Information: For inquiries or to place an order, you can reach them at (480) 900-8042.
  • Product selection: The Good Dispensary offers an array of products for patients to choose from. From a variety of strains and concentrates to edibles and accessories, their carefully curated menu caters to the diverse needs and preferences of their customers. 
  • Convenient online ordering: To enhance the customer experience, Good Dispensary offers a convenient online ordering system. With just a few clicks, customers can browse their product menu, place orders, and choose their preferred pickup time.

Top Picks at The Good Dispensary

  1. OG Kush Pod (I) | 1000mg by STIIIZY: This staff pick is a cartridge that delivers a unique THC content of 87.84%. Crafted by the renowned brand STIIIZY, the OG Kush Pod is known for its potent effects and smooth vaping experience. With 1000mg of pure cannabis goodness, this product is ideal for users seeking a robust and flavorful high.


  1. Biscotti Pod (H) | 500 mg by STIIIZY: Another staff favorite, the Biscotti Pod, offers a harmonious blend of THC and CBD. With THC levels reaching 82.81% and a CBD content of 0.57%, this cartridge strikes a balance for those seeking relaxation and a subtle euphoric experience. Crafted by STIIIZY, it guarantees a smooth and enjoyable vaping session.


  1. Watermelon Red Bull | 12 oz by Red Bull: For those looking for an alternative way to consume cannabis, The Good Dispensary offers the refreshing Watermelon Red Bull infused with THC. With a delightful watermelon flavor and a balanced THC content of 101.62 mg, this beverage provides a unique and enjoyable way to experience the effects of cannabis.


  1. THC Salve | 100 mg by THC Wellness: If you need topical relief, The Good Dispensary has you covered with THC Salve by THC Wellness. With 100 mg of THC and 1.28 mg of CBD, this salve is designed to provide localized relief for muscle aches, joint pain, and skin irritations. Its soothing properties make it a go-to option for those seeking targeted relief.


  1. CBD Cooling Salve | 250mg by CBD Wellness: The CBD Cooling Salve by CBD Wellness is a must-try for those looking for the benefits of CBD. With a substantial CBD content of 254.18 mg, this topical salve is formulated to provide a cooling sensation and promote overall relaxation. It’s an excellent option for relieving muscle tension and soothing discomfort.

For those seeking a reliable and customer-centric cannabis dispensary in Mesa, Arizona, The Good Dispensary is a standout choice. Check it out for a trusted and reliable experience.