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7224 Mission Blvd Jurupa Valley, California US 92509

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The Green Chamber dispensary in California is a cannabis store that offers medical and recreational cannabis products. If you want to buy your next cannabis refill in California, you can reach this store at 7224 Mission Blvd, Riverside, California – 92509, United States.

  • Operating hours: The operations at this cannabis dispensary in California start at 9 a.m., and you can buy the last cannabis here before 10 at night. The timings are the same for all 7 days of the week so that customers understand the visiting hours on different days.
  • Ordering system: At The Green Chamber Dispensary, you can buy your cannabis by visiting the store directly, or you can visit their official website to place an order – When placing an online order, you can go for two options, i.e., storefront pickup or home delivery. There are no charges for the storefront pickup facility, and you need to go to the store after 30 minutes of placing an order. For the home delivery option, you may have to pay extra charges if your location is farther than a certain radius mile from this dispensary.

Deals and offers

When it comes to deals​ and offers, there are many of them you can find in this store. You will come across many offers​ that will save you lots of money at The Green Chamber Dispensary. If you are interested in​ buying from this dispensary in California, here are a few offers that you can get:

  1. Get COSMOS flowers starting from $49 per ounce.
  2. Get Seed & Strain and Classix at $70 per ounce.
  3. Bonzai Cannabis Flower for $90 per ounce.
  4. If you buy Amber wax from here, you will get the following offers:
  • 1 for $11
  • 2 for $20
  • 3 for $38
  • 4 for $75
  1. Get the following offers on Amber Live Resin Cartridges:
  • 1 for $29.95
  • 2 for $50
  • 4 for $90
  • 8 for $160
  1.  Get the following offers on 1-gram live resin dabs from Amber:
  • 1 for $19.95
  • 2 for $35
  • 4 for $65
  • 8 for $115
  1. Buy Seed & Strain 1 Gram Cartridges at the below-given prices:
  • 1 for $19.84
  • 2 for $37
  • 4 for $70
  • 8 for $135

Apart from the above-given offer, there may be several price offers for the veterans, seniors, and dispensary staff. Additionally, it is important to ask the dispensary staff for these offers before you make your purchase. Some of these offers may be subject to time, and therefore, check the website or ask the dispensary for their availability before placing an order.


At The Green Chamber Dispensary, there​ is a wide range of cannabis products that you can choose from. On​ their shelves, you can find items ranging from cannabis flowers to tinctures and edibles to​ concentrates.

Also, there is no one​ but a variety of brands that you will come across at The Green Chamber Dispensary. There are both premium and low-budget brands available here, and here is a mixed list of brand options for you in this store:

  1. Flite
  2. GrowPow
  3. Maven Genetics
  4. Fig Farms
  5. HotBox
  7. Claybourne Co.
  8. Eighth Brother
  9. Pacific Stone
  10. High Green
  11. 710 Labs
  12. Cannabiotix
  13. Kingroll Junior
  14. West Coast Cure
  15. Glass House
  16. WonderBrett

There are a few of the brand names you will see at The Green Chamber Dispensary. There​ are many more​ that you can buy here. Moreover, the premium options at this dispensary can cost you as high as $300 per item, while​ there are budget-friendly options, too, costing only $10 per piece, making it both an experience​ and budget-oriented cannabis seller.

Now, let us have a look at some​ of the best-selling and well-known The Green Chamber Dispensary.

Black Triangle OG Smalls

This is a cannabis flower from CLAYBOURNE, CO., and it has a weight of 28 grams. You can get it from The Green Chamber Dispensary for $222. It has an Indica strain that is known to deliver low effects. After using this flower, you will get effects like relaxation, sleepiness, and happiness. Also, it starts showing its effects in almost 5 minutes, and the effects may last for a few hours. 

Acapulco Gold – Cartridge

It is a vape cart from the Heavy Hitters, and the 1-gram pack of this vape cart is available at The Green Chamber Dispensary for just $53. The strain you get in this is Sativa and therefore produces high effects on the consumer. This vape cart is highly potent, and you can experience its effects just in 2-3 puffs. The potent effects you will experience include energy, happiness, creativity, focus, and inspiration. These effects can last for up to an hour and are considered suitable for outdoor activities.

There are more products and offers on The Green Chamber Dispensary and you can check it out on their store or website.