The Greenery Dispensary

The Greenery Dispensary, Fort Smith, AR

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The Greenery is a cannabis Dispensary in Fort Smith, Arkansas with an array of exclusive and well-known cannabis brand products. You can visit this dispensary at 4520 Phoenix Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72908, United States.

3904 Ayers Rd Fort Smith, Arkansas US 72908

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The Greenery

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The Greenery Cannabis Dispensary- Overview

  • Operating hours: The Greenery dispensary opens at different times, from Monday to Saturday and Sundays. From Monday to Saturday, you can visit the store between 10 AM to 8 PM, and on Sundays, they operate for 6 hours only between 11 PM and 5 PM.
  • Ordering system: You can use various purchasing options in this store, including store pickup and home delivery. You can get your order delivered to your doorstep for a $5 charge, and the minimum order value should be 100$ through cash only.

    You can also choose a store pickup option, and for that, call (479) 551-2235. Visit the online website of The Greenery Dispensary to make your purchase from your home – At the store, you can pay using cash or a debit card. Additionally, you get amenities like an ADA facility, ATM, Veteran discounts, and more.

Products at the Greenery Fort Smith

The Greenery Dispensary, Arkansas has a wide selection of products for its customers. You can get Flowers, cannabis tinctures, edibles, vapes, concentrates, and much more.

They have brands that are verified as well as less known to meet the need of consumers from all classes. Here are some of the renowned brands you can find in their store and on the website:

  • CBD & ME
  • Dark House Medicinals
  • Good Day Farm
  • Green Gruff
  • Hawg’s Hemp
  • Hippie Hounds
  • Magical Butter
  • Osage Creek Cultivation
  • Shake Extractions
  • Revolution Cannabis
  • Leafology
  • Spring Lake 
  • Strio
  • The Clear
  • WYNK
  • TheGreenery
  • Smokiez Edibles

The products of the above-mentioned brands have a price range of less than $10 as well as above $200. So, you can find cheap as well as premium cannabis options.

There are some exclusive products at The Greenery Cannabis Dispensary in Arkansas. Let us now introduce you to some of the best-selling items from Greenery Dispensary, Arkansas.

Infused Face Drench – Apricot

This Body Balm from Shake Extractions has 98.7mg THC and a CBD content of 211.9mg. It is available at The Greenery dispensary for $42, which is a 30% discounted price on the MRP of this product. It has a soldier strain, which is Hybrid, and is known for promoting effects like euphoria, giggling, and hunger. Overall, it delivers a calming experience to the consumer.

Raz Mintz

This flower is from Carpenter Farms and has an 18.6% THC content. You can buy it at a discount of 20% for $20 for ⅛ oz. It is a highly potent flower known for delivering effects that makes you feel uplifted and energetic. The effects make it suitable for both outdoor as well as indoor fun.

2:1 Infused Mood Drops (Cold Brew)

It is edible from Shake Extractions and has 536.6mg of THC and 252.9mg of CBD content in it. You can buy it for $56, and it is tagged with 30% off on the retail price. After consuming it, the consumer can expect effects that lead to calmness, pain relief, and sleepiness

Berry Blast Mint Dose Gummies

These Gummies from Good Day Farms are highly potent, carrying a THC content of 325mg. You can buy it for $40 per pack, and the brand is verified in the cannabis market. As per the label, you get 30mg of THC in each gummy, and it takes an activation time of 15-20 minutes. These are melt-proof, gluten-free, vegan, and made using real fruit extracts. You may feel euphoric, giggly, and hungry from this cannabis product, which offers an overall calming experience.

These are a few exclusive products on the shelves of The Greenery Dispensary. To explore more products with a wide price range, visit their official website.

The Greenery Photos

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Deals and offers at the Greenery Dispensary

The Greenery Dispensary, Arkansas has plenty of options for cannabis enthusiasts, and you also get many deals and offers to make budget-friendly purchases. Here are some offers that you can get at this dispensary:

  1. You can get 30% OFF on all Shake Extractions products.
  2. Buy all Carpenter Farms Flowers at a discounted price of 20%.
  3. All GDF Flowers are available at 15% OFF.
  4. Revolution Flowers are available at 12% OFF.

These are the offers that you can get in-store as well as on the website of The Greenery Dispensary. However, some deals may be exclusive to time, so do not forget to ask for their availability.

We hope our recommendations have been valuable in your quest for quality products. At Hempercamp, we take pride in curating the best options for our readers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore an even wider range of premium brands, dispensaries, and products on our website.