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The Living Room

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1636 Reisterstown Road Pikesville, Maryland, US 21208

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The Living Room

the living room | hempercamp

1630 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville, Maryland 21208, United States

About The Living Room

is a cannabis dispensary in Maryland, and they offer medical as well as recreational cannabis products to enthusiasts. In order to make your purchases from the store, you can visit the address 1630 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville, Maryland 21208, United States.

    • Operating hours: The Living Room Dispensary starts its operations at nine in the morning. You are allowed to make your last purchase before nine at night, and the operating hours are kept the same for all days of the week. 
    • Ordering System: In order to make your purchases from this dispensary in Maryland, you can go for in-store purchase, pick-up option, or home delivery. In order to get your order prepared for pick up from the store, you have to order it 30 minutes prior to your visit. In order to get your cannabis products delivered to your doorstep, you can place an order after 10 in the morning. Also, the minimum order limit is $50 for home delivery service.

Deals and offers

The Living Room Dispensary has several offers and deals for its customers. You can get offers that are applicable on all days of the week and also other offers that are active in special locations. Let us go through some of the offers that you can find at this dispensary in Maryland.

  1. If you are a medical patient, you can get 20% off on your entire order.
  2. For spending over $90, both medical and adult-use cannabis buyers are given an evermore sunset octane pre-roll for free.
  3. Get 1 loyalty point on each dollar you spend in this dispensary.
  4. 1000 loyalty points get you a $10 discount
  5. 1600 points get you $25 off.
  6. 2500 points give you a $50 discount.
  7. 4000 points will get you $100 OFF here. It is important to note that you can only redeem up to 4000 points in a single purchase.

While these offers are now active in the living room dispensary in Maryland, some of them may be exclusive to time. So, every time you are making a purchase from this dispensary, be it offline or online, make sure to ask the staff if these offers are active.


There is a huge diversity in terms of products you are going to find in the Living Room Dispensary. You can see that their shelves are filled with products ranging from cannabis flowers to concentrates and cartridges to tinctures.

Also, there are many brands that you are going to see at the Living Room dispensary. If you have never visited this place, let us give you an overview of the brands that you are going to find in the living room dispensary.

  • Betty’s Edibles
  • Nature’s Heritage
  • Evermore Cannabis Company
  • Bubby’s Baked
  • Color Cannabis
  • Good News
  • Slyde
  • Black Label Brand
  • Cookies
  • Grow West Cannabis Company
  • Raw
  • High Mountain Imports
  • Juicy Jay

These were several popular as well as lesser-known brands from the cannabis industry that you are going to see in this dispensary. Some of these brands will cost you more than $300 per product, while some others are available at a lower price of $10. It shows that the dispensary caters to the needs of people who look for a premium experience as well as the ones who want to buy a budget-friendly option.

Let us now go through some of the top-selling items that you can see on the shelves of the Living Room Dispensary.

Lilac Diesel .5 g PRJ 5-Pack

This is a pre-roll pack from the Grow West Cannabis Company, and you can buy it for $35 per pack from the Living Room dispensary. It has a hybrid strain that is going to make you feel uplifted, happy, and talkative. Additionally, there are negatives of this strain, including headache, dizziness, and anxiety. This pre-roll is high on the THC side and low on the CBD side. The parent strains of the Lilac Diesel are Silver Lemon Haze, Forbidden Fruit, Cherry Pie, and Citral Glue Lineage. These make it highly potent and give you a high effect of cannabis use.

Day Off 1 g Cart

It is a vape cartridge from Good News, and you can get it for just $50 from the Living Room dispensary. It has a hybrid strain and contains 53.7 mg THC and 26.7 mg CBD. When it comes to the top effects of this strain, they are uplifted, excited, and happy. There can also be some negatives, like restlessness and anxiety from this strain if you are a first-time user. The brand is a verified one in the cannabis market, and it offers a variety of cannabis items that are faster than others. You can experience the effects of this product within 10-15 minutes of consumption, making it ideal if you are looking for a quick cannabis shot.

There are more products in The Living Room dispensary in Maryland, and you can visit the store to explore it all.

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