The Phoenix is a cannabis dispensary that is located at 9897 W McDowell Road, #720, Tolleson, AZ, United States, offering a diverse range of cannabis for both medical and recreational consumers.

  • Operating hours: The store opens at 7:00 in the morning, and you can have the last of your purchase at 10:00 the night from Sunday to Saturday. However, the store pickup time for storefront orders is 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
  • Ordering options: You can visit the store to buy your cannabis between operating hours, and you can also place an online order for storefront pickup by calling (480) 420 0377. At The Phoenix dispensary, you get amenities like ATMs, storefront pickups and ADA accessibility. You can order pickup and get it prepared within 30 minutes without any fee. Home delivery options are available from Sunday to Friday, and it is free of cost. You can only pay using cash for the home delivery option.

Deals and offers

The Phoenix dispensary has many offers and deals for its customers. You can buy products at discounted prices with these deals. Let us have a look at the best deals you can grab in this dispensary.

  1. Get 40% OFF on all products from WYLD on Wednesdays.
  2. Buy 2, Get 1 free of high variety 1/8ths on all days of the week.
  3. Get 40% OFF on Wednesdays on all Grow Science products.
  4. Buy 1, Get 1 on Phoenix Cannabis Co. Tasty Buds 1/8ths.
  5. Get 25% Off on Dab Day Wednesday on hand-selected concentrates.
  6. 5 for $50 Nature’s & Gen Xtract’s Concentrates.
  7. Buy one Get One on Sublime Edibles
  8. Military Veterans are given 10% OFF on the entire purchase.
  9. Buyers get a FREE strain-specific nature pre-roll on their birthday special.
  10. First-time medical buyers get a 40% OFF on regular-priced items.
  11. Second-time medical buyers get $25 OFF on every $75 spent.
  12. Third-time medical buyers receive a Buy One Get One offer on all products (Equal or lesser value).

These are all the offers that you can get at The Phoenix Dispensary. Some of these are all-time deals, while others are limited-period offers. Always confirm if the offers are available at the store before you make a purchase.


The Phoenix Dispensary has an array of products ranging from flowers to cannabis concentrates and edibles to vapes. You can buy cannabis in any form that you prefer the most.

There are various brands that you can buy from this dispensary. Here is a list of some well-known and lesser-known brands that you can find in this cannabis store:

  • 22 Red
  • Abstrakt
  • Abundant Organics
  • AZ Nectar Farms
  • Baked Bros
  • BIG
  • Clipper 
  • Charlies
  • Co2lors
  • Color Cannabis
  • DRiP
  • Dutchie
  • GenX
  • Goldsmith Extracts
  • Fig Farms
  • GSW
  • Green Gene Genetics
  • High Variety
  • ITEM 9 Labs
  • Simply Twisted
  • Reefer Gladness
  • Shango
  • ROVE
  • Select Oil
  • Sip Elixir
  • Sublime Brands
  • The Strain Source
  • Vital
  • WYLD
  • Yummy Gummy
  • Sunset Wholesale

To cater to the needs of customers who are looking for an experience, they have premium brands with products priced over $200. For those who are looking for a budget-oriented cannabis option, The Phoenix dispensary has products costing less than $15.

Let us now have a look at some of the staff select most selling products on the shelves of Phoenix dispensary.

Select Tahoe OG

This Cartridge from Select Oil has a hybrid strain with THC 86.9% and 0% CBD content and is priced at $50. It is a brand-verified product that has infused freshly harvested live resin terpenes. It has a high-potency oil that has a strain-specific flavor. The Tahoe OG strain offers you a sleepy, hungry, and relaxed feeling but can also lead to dry mouth, dry eyes and dizziness. It is more on the calming side and less on the energizing side.

Huckleberry Hybrid Enhanced 100mg Gummies

The Huckelberry hybrid enhanced gummies are from WYLD and contain 105.4 mg THC content. You can buy it for $10 from The Phoenix Dispensary. These gummies are made with real fruit and enhanced with a balanced hybrid terpene profile. Its strain creates a sense of cheerfulness and overall well-being, and it is ideal for daily tasks and adventures. You get 100 mg of THC per pack with this product, and it also contains coconut.

Live Hash Rosin Cart GMO Cookies

It is a cartridge from Grow Sciences with 80 mg THC content as it is priced at $30 at a discounted price of 40% off the MRP. These are well-known as GMO Garlic Cookies and have a highly potent Indica dominant hybrid strain crossing GSC with Chemdawg. It makes you feel euphoric with mentally uplifting effects. The GMO Cookies strain also gives a relaxed and sleepy feeling and can cause paranoia, dizziness and anxiety. It is a high THC product with more on the calming side of the cannabis products and low on the energizing side.