The Refinery Dispensary is a cannabis store in Michigan, and you can visit this store by reaching 3650 Alvan Rd, Kalamazoo, MI 49001, United States. They deal only in recreational cannabis products at this branch, while on its other outlets, you may find medical cannabis also.

  • Operation hours: This dispensary in Michigan starts its operations at 8 in the morning, and you can make your last purchase from this dispensary before 10 at night. For the pickup services, the store timings are the same as its operation hours. Additionally, the store timings remain unchanged on all days of the week to avoid confusion for their customers.
  • Ordering options: The Refinery Dispensary offers you several ordering options that include storefront pickup and home delivery. You can visit the store to get your cannabis refill, or you can call the store on this number +1 269-203-2564 to place an order for pickup. Furthermore, you can go for the delivery options and get your cannabis delivered to your doorsteps; charges may be applicable for this service.

Deals and offers

The Refinery Dispensary is a well-known cannabis store in Michigan, and it has several offers and deals to make cannabis items affordable for its customers. Let us have a look at some hot everyday deals and offers that you can grab from this dispensary in Michigan.

  1. Get DOPE AM and DOPE PM 1:1:1 for just $10.
  2. Buy pure life resin cartridges starting from $20/1 gram.
  3. Buy distillate parts of 1 gram for $25 and 5 grams for $100.
  4. Get Peachy Hash and Co. for $50/1 gram.
  5. 2G live resin cart from Packwoods Re-up for $50.
  6. Buy WANA gummies for just $12.
  7. Get a 100 mg Nectar Jar for $16.
  8. Growing pain top shelf 3.5 g exotic flower for $40 and 2 units for $70.
  9. Get 7 MAG carts for $100 only.
  10. Get Baller Jars 1 unit for $10.
  11. But Fumed Chillgums for $20 and Fumed Balls for $20.
  12. Get 4 Breeze Disposable THC Device Live Resin for $100.
  13. Buy 100 mg Cheese Curls for just $12.
  14. Detroit Edible range starts from $18.
  15. Glass Filter By RIP TIP for just $30.
  16. Get a 2-ounce Priority PAK SHAKE for just $50.
  17. Get a free Flowerade Water Bottle on the new 100 mg Flowerade Drink mix for just $14.
  18. Mix and match offer on all Hytek Strains. Buy four packs for $130 and 8 packs for $230.
  19. First-time buyers get a $15 discount if they spend $25.
  20. Referrals can get you a $15 discount.
  21. Get a $10 Hytek PRE roll on your birthday purchase.
  22. Veterans get a $10 discount on all regular-priced items.

These offers are available at The Refinery Dispensary, and you can find more deals when you visit this store. However, it is important to note that these offers may be limited to this Dispensary in Michigan. On the other branches, make sure to ask if you can avail of these deals.


The Refinery Dispensary has a diverse range of options when it comes to product categories. If you are shopping from this dispensary in Michigan, you can find all the items ranging from vapes to edibles and flowers to tinctures.

They offer you diversity not only in terms of products but you will see a wide variety of brands in this store. The Refinery Dispensary has some expensive as well as low-budget brands, and the list the same is as follows:

  1. Harbor Farmz
  2. The Refinery
  3. Exotics only
  4. Drip
  5. Crude Boyz
  6. Growing Pain
  7. Healing Organic Garden
  8. Hytek
  9. Exotic Matter
  10. 710 Labs
  11. Super Dope
  12. Sus’s Real Exotics
  13. LocalGrove
  14. Clout King

Apart from this, there are various other brands that you can choose from. You can get cannabis items from brands that will cost you over $250 and also items that you can get just for $10.

Let us now have a look at the most selling and high-rated items at The Refinery Dispensary.

Sherb Banger 

This is a cannabis flower from Growing Pains of ⅛ Oz, and you can buy it for $40 from The Refinery Dispensary. This flower is well known to offer feelings of being calm, happy, relaxed, and energetic. It has 50% Indica and 50% Sativa making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor fun.

Cherry Pie

This is a vape device from The Refinery Dispensary itself, and you can get it for $10. It contains 1 gram of pure cannabis extract with 66.91% THC, and it can give you a feeling of being relaxed, sleepy, and happy. Therefore, it is suitable mostly for indoor activities. This device from The Refinery Dispensary offers you privacy and consistency. It has an auto heating mechanism on inhalation, and you can experience its effects right after 2-3 puffs.

The range of products at The Refinery Dispensary goes even further, and there is more for you to check out. If you are in Michigan and looking for a dispensary to get your cannabis refill, you can visit this dispensary and see if you can find something for yourself.