The Sanctuary Dispensary is a cannabis store in California, and they offer a wide range of weed products for both recreational and medical buyers. You can visit this cannabis dispensary in California at 2500 Grand Ave., Sacramento, CA 95838, United States.

  • Operating hours: This cannabis store opens at 7 in the morning, and you can buy the last of your cannabis product before 9 in the night. It operates every day to make it easy for customers to visit the store on any day.
  • Ordering System: You can visit the store to make your cannabis purchase, or you can go to a pickup facility. There are no fees for storefront pickup orders, and there is no minimum order limit.

They allow you to get a home delivery as well, with no delivery charges within a defined radius of the store. To place your order, you can call +916-254-3287, or you can visit their official website – They have facilities like ATM machines, credit card and debit card acceptance, and ADA accessibility.

Deals and Offers

The Sanctuary Dispensary is a renowned dispensary in California, and you can get many offers and deals from them. These deals make purchases budget friendly for the customers, and if you are interested, here is a list of deals from this retailer for you.

  1. They have Happy hours between 2 PM and 5 PM from Monday to Wednesday, and during these hours, you get 15% off on all orders.
  2. On Local Love Mondays, they offer you 25% off on all the items that you buy. The price per item has to be $20.
  3. On top-shelf Tuesdays, you can get 25% off top-shelf flowers that are priced higher than $35.
  4. Wax Wednesdays give you 25% off on the concentrates, but vapes and RSO are not included in the offer.
  5. Thicc Thursdays give you 30% off to the MMJ industry workers. To avail of this offer, you must show a valid agent card.
  6. Fire Friday can get you a gift for a penny when you spend $100 on items here. The offer is applicable on the pre-tax value, and it may not exceed the daily limit.
  7. Sweet Saturdays have 25% off for you on all 100mg THC edibles.
  8. Sanctuary Sundays give you 30% off on all the regular-priced items but do not allow for double discounts.
  9. The first time, customers get 20% off on in-store or pickup orders.
  10. A referral will get you 10% off on all purchases.
  11. Senior citizens, students, and teachers are given 10% off plus daily discounts on the entire order.
  12. Military veterans are allowed 15% off on all products.
  13. Medical buyers can get 15% OFF but must show a medical card.

These are the offers you can get from The Sanctuary Dispensary, but some of them can be exclusive to store locations. Since they have multiple store locations in the US, make sure to ask if any of these offers are active when you are buying from here.


The Sanctuary Dispensary has a wide range of products in all cannabis product categories. You can buy products ranging from cannabis flowers to tinctures and vapes to cannabis concentrates.

Additionally, this dispensary in California caters to a wide customer base that demands products from different brands. Here are a few of the brands that you can see on the shelves of The Sanctuary Dispensary in California:

  1. KYND Cannabis Company
  2. Sacred Herb Medicinals
  3. Prime Superior
  4. Firestar
  5. Circle S Farms
  6. RSO
  7. Sacred Oil
  9. Spiked Flamingo
  10. Cannavative
  11. NLVO
  12. RYTHM
  13. Hi Now
  14. Sips
  15. Incredibles
  16. Panna Extracts
  17. Polaris MMJ
  18. Nature’s Chemistry
  19. BIC
  20. Futurola
  21. High Hemo Wraps
  22. WYLD
  23. Rokin
  24. WYLD CBD

These brands range from premium cannabis providers to budget-friendly options. Consumers can buy products starting as low as $10 and going as high as $300.

Let us now explore some of the most popular items on the shelves of The Sanctuary Dispensary.


It is an Indica flower bud that has a strain mixture of Wedding Cake and Mendo Breath, and it is from the Elyon brand. It has a sweet aroma that will make you remember the Sweet Kush strain. It is available at The Sanctuary Dispensary for $30 per unit, and you can smoke it in the evenings and afternoons. It will give you an ultra-calming effect, and therefore, it is suitable for indoor fun.

Sour Diesel 1G

This concentrate from STIIIZy is one of the top-selling items at this Dispensary, and you can buy it for $55 for a 1.0-gram unit. It gives you a balance of aroma and taste, and you can get high with its level of purity. It is a Sativa strain concentrate and gives diesel a pungent and earthy taste.

Apart from the above-given products, The Sanctuary Dispensary has much more to offer. There are more in the product range of flowers, concentrates, vapes, and much more, but you’ll have to explore their menu to know about all of that.